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During my meetups with dear on the weekend, we usually enjoy spending our afternoons having tea. We prefer a quieter cafe where we are not required to raise our voices at each other so we can have a proper conversation.
Guide To Bishan – Bishan is one of our favourite haunts, and Bishan history is always an exciting factor for me; anywhere between central and north Singapore is always perfect for us. This time we headed to Shamrock Cafe Bishan. Shamrock Cafe Menue is very special for people like us.
Shamrock Cafe Front View in Bishan
shamrock cafe exterior view

From the MRT station, darling and I crossed the road and cut through the private estates till we reached Clover way. Along the way, we passed some tranquil parks and playgrounds. It was indeed a quiet afternoon, a delightful transition from the hassle and bustle of overcrowded shopping malls.
Shamrock Cafe Bishan – Finally, we reached the cafe; I absolutely love the restaurant’s exterior, graced with white windows and door frames, which gives you the simplistic yet elegant vibe of the place.

shamrock cafe bishan interior

                                                      Photo Credit: Shamrock Café Facebook.

Another of my favourite cafe is Buddy Hoagies, situated in Ang mo Kio. The shamrock cafe interior and the atmosphere was appealing, calming and friendly; the shamrock cafe staff and teams were attentive and accommodating. It is indeed on my list of quiet places to chill in Singapore.,
shamrock cafe bishan interior view
shamrock cafe Bishan interior view
shamrock cafe bishan wall paintings
shamrock cafe Bishan interior wall painting
shamrock cafe bishan dining place
shamrock cafe Bishan sitting place
Shamrock Cafe Menu – We decided to share a waffle topped with vanilla ice cream. It was scrumptious. It was not the atypical range of waffles. It was rather unique. It was more like an eggette. Gosh, it really hit the spot. Glazed with chocolate syrup and sugar, the calories are worth the occasional treat.
shamrock cafe waffle topped with vanilla ice cream
Shamrock cafe waffle topped with vanilla ice cream.

 The strawberry iced tea I ordered was really nice as well. It even gave me a subtle reminder for me to pray.
shamrock cafe strawberry ice tea
Shamrock cafe strawberry ice tea
Don’t just take my word for it. Head to Shamrock Cafe today for a treat you won’t forget. I’m sure that you will find a shamrock cafe Singapore dinner menu with a lot of choices as per your own taste.

Shamrock Café is the brainchild of Jetic Design, an interior design firm. The cafe, as one can say, is not only for a gastronomical experience but also a feast for the eyes. The intricate details of every corner of the marble-clad walls of the cafe’s interiors make it a stylish yet welcoming space to enjoy a meal. A trip down to this secluded area of Bishan is indeed worthwhile. 
Shamrock Café Bishan Singapore 
5 Clover Way, Clover Park Singapore 579079
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