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Throwback to Deepavali when it was a public holiday, dear and I made a date to go to Chow Cute Cafe together. An advance booking has to be made on their website to avoid disappointment, so I booked an afternoon slot about a week before. It is unbelievable that we have not been out for a meal together since covid19 started, and it felt refreshing to head to Seletar Air Base to get some fresh air and spend the day with adorable dogs.

Our journey to Seletar Air Base was just a bus ride away; we reached the area within 30 minutes. Making our way to the cafe from the bus stop was a breeze, just a 10-minute walk. I really adore the quaint colonial houses in Seletar airbase. Makes one feel like you have entered another realm into the charming countryside.

Chow Cute Cafe

I really liked the look of the exterior of the café; it had an exquisite feel. You may choose to have your meals al fresco on the lovely patio furniture or indoors.

Cute Chow Chow from Chow cute cafe
Our experience at Chow Cute Café, an overall review – Greeting us at the front door was an adorable older brownish-black Chow Chow. It is no surprise because Chow Chow has a history of being guard dogs to livestock and homes; untrained Chow Chows tend to be more on the aloof side and aggressive with strangers and other dogs, but I am glad to report that all the Chow Chows at Chow Cute Café are well trained and friendly. The younger pups tend to be cheeky and playful, while the older ones are calmer and mellow perfect for children because they would sit around and allow a child to pet them.
Brown Chow Chow
 I genuinely enjoyed seeing the dogs light up with delight each time they spotted their trainers. This shows that the dogs are well treated and taken care of by their owners. I do have my reservations when going to pet-themed attractions. I always keep an eye out for how the animals are treated. We had an enjoyable quiet afternoon interacting with the dogs and stroking them. This is a rare treat, as we do not own any pets due to our busy work schedules. The cafe has an excellent range of board games for a fun-filled afternoon, a lovely touch, I must say, for a relaxing afternoon.
There are mixed reviews on google about the food at the café; the team at the café are a young group and is most helpful. We were served dessert before the main course, and drinks were expensive, but because you aren’t charged for playing with the dogs, it is well worth the cost. We did wait rather long for our meal, but the fish was fresh and delicious.
Ice Cream Waffle
Shall I close with a few …

Chow Chow Dog Breed Fun Facts – Chow Chow is not of Chinese origin word but from a pidgin-English term used to describe things from the East in the 18th century.

  • Chow Chows have 2 extra teeth compared to other canines. Most dogs have 42, while Chow Chows have 44.
  • Unusual coloured tongue, young Chow Chows have punk tongues, but as they age, their tongues turn blueish black.

Chow Cute Cafe
16 The Oval, Seletar Aerospace Park, 797873

Tel: 6974 7916

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