Bangkok – Saving time and money on public transportation

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Bangkok is a bustling capital city of Thailand and a popular holiday destination. Being caught in a jam during peak traffic hours or queueing up line after line for train tickets can be a pain, losing precious minutes and hours of vacation.

bangkok roads

Having been to the country 4 times, I have learned a few things while using public transport. I felt it would be great if I could pay it forward by sharing what I have learned in hopes of making another person’s travel experience more pleasant.

Tip number 1 – Saving on transport. 
First, when you aim to save on transport, you could use the money you saved for other things such as enjoying a good massage, feasting on food and who could forget shopping!

My dear friend Adrian taught me during my trips; to try to follow the BMW philosophy when you travel on a budget.

What does BMW stand for, you say?
No,, I am not asking you to arrange for an expensive luxury car to ferry you if you have deep pockets…
The acronym, in this case, stands for:
                    M MRT aka Train
                                   W – Walk whenever possible.
Buses and Trains are the most cost-efficient way to travel around. I once took a bus from Pratunam to the Grand palace, Bus 60. The locals and bus conductor were very kind in helping us figure out the route we should take. Saving us the taxi fare.
The train system is fantastic, linked or situated close to many attractions and shopping malls. The three main lines in the system are:

  • MRT 
  • BTS
  • Airport rail link – a great way to travel from Suvarnabhumi airport to your hotel. I usually book hotels near Phaya Thai or Rachathewi stations because they are closer to the Pratunam shopping district.
Tip number 2 – Get a Rabbit Card using the BTS.

Spare yourself the annoying task of queueing up to purchase train tickets ride after the ride; the rabbit card is a prepaid card that you can easily top up and is valid for up to 5 years.

Bangkok Rabbit Card
How do I get a rabbit card?
Easy, just proceed to any BTS glass counters and request one; a deposit is required for each purchase, a small price to pay if you ask me. They have special rates for students and elders.
It is mainly used by the residents of Bangkok, but as a tourist, you could pass it on to your friends or relatives who are heading to Bangkok after you return from your trip.
It can also be used to buy items at some outlets of Black Canyon, McDonald’s, Starbucks and a few other retail outlets.
Tip number 3: Tuk Tuks, Taxis and Motorcycle taxis.
Although more expensive, it is one of the most covenant ways of getting around. Before getting in a cab, check if they go by their meter. If you are heading for the outskirts of Bangkok, pricing negotiation would be a wiser choice because jams can get really bad.
For Tuk Tuks and motorcycle taxis, the local and tourist prices may differ, so try to negotiate the price before you hop on one.
Well, that is all I have for you; I hope this information has proven useful. Thanks for reading.

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