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Ever since I had the Oway Hair Treatment at Focus Hairdressing, I have gotten into a craze for mint shampoos, not just any mint shampoo but those which do not consist of sulfate and other genetically modified organisms. Although not cancer-causing, sulfate can cause moisture lost from your skin and hair consequently causing dry skin and hair, not something you want to do to your scalp because as the scalp dries over time it will produce skin flacks which look very much like dandruff but the flacks are smaller in size.
Where to buy Broo Shampoo in Singapore Beer Shampoo
BRÖÖ Invigorating Shampoo Malted Mint

BRÖÖ Invigorating Shampoo Malted Mint was the shampoo I decided to give a go, purchased from Guardian at the retail price of $19.90. These are the reasons that spur my interest in purchase:
The shampoo is made of crafted beer – This is the first time that I came across a shampoo that uses an alcoholic beverage as its base, very intriguing. I really wanted to see the effects of my hair would it be beneficial?
BRÖÖ Shampoo uses all-natural ingredients – No harmful chemicals were used to produce this shampoo and it is cruelty-free, with no animal testing.
BRÖÖ practices corporate social responsibility – They support a clean water initiative by “Shower the world” a non-profit corporation in North Carolina, dealing with clean water and hygiene causes worldwide.
After using the shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks these is my findings:
BRÖÖ shampoo works with Asian Hair – On Instagram as well as for online reviews I did notice that there were no reviews from Asians, facts such as the texture and structure of our hair are difference, in other words, we are of another demographic. Although I had a shock when my hair stiffened up right after the wash, when dry it was significantly softer.
Minty Tingly Sensation – I love the minty fragrance, it smelled nothing like beer and when applied to the scalp it had this relaxing tingly sensation, I felt so clean and refreshed after washing my hair.
Caused my hair to frizz – My hair did become quite frizzy after using this for a duration of 2 weeks, I wash my hair every alternate day. Pretty upsetting to have a ton of unruly frizzy strands of hair.
The ends of my hair became dry – I didn’t like that the ends of my hair became dry although mostly still very smooth and it did increase the volume of my hair.
Asian Hair Broo shampoo Frizzy hair
Soft & Silky but Frizzy
All in all, I do like this shampoo but the fizziness does overpower the smooth and soft texture that it gives my hair, it is most likely that I will not purchase this shampoo again but it is worth the trial because it gave me a wider perspective of what other ingredients can be used as Shampoo.
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