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I liked Genmaicha from the moment I tried it at a cafe. The first versions of roasted rice tea I tried were of Korean origins but the tea tends to have a heavier burnt taste which can be a bit much for some. The Japanese version of roasted rice tea, however, tasted much lighter and fragrant, I like both the Korean and Japanese teas but if I were asked to pick I would say I prefer the Japanese version. It has a nutty flavour to it and smells amazing. The tea is nicked named popcorn tea in japan due to the process where the rice is roasted which produces a popping sound much like when you are popping popcorn in your microwave.

coffee bean and tea leave Genmaicha Tea

Health Benefits of Genmaichai Tea – Genmaicha is bountifully packed with goodness, drinking a cup will help you reap health benefits such as weight loss, getting a more youthful look and perhaps a lower risk of getting cancer all this is due to the tea consisting of EGCG is an antioxidant that increases the function of catecholamine in the body. Catecholamine are hormones that the nerve tissue, the brain and adrenal glands produce, it helps the body to respond to frights and stress. It also improves your mood as it balances out your blood sugar. Indeed it is amazing that this roasted rice tea does wonders for your health other benefits such as improving dental health with its antibacterial properties and improving digestive health and getting rid of water retention.

three Tea Bag Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves Genmaicha sachets

Best Genmaicha tea at CBLT Singapore – My favourite brand of Genmaicha is from coffee bean and tea leaf retailing at SGD$10.95 for 20 teabags neatly packed in a tin container. Each tea bag brews up to 2 cups of tea and if you happen to have milk frothier you may add foamy milk to this delightful tea. If you have a liking for nutty and sweet tea this is the tea for you. It is like green tea without the bitter aftertaste. Each sachet of tea is translucent so you are able to see the bountiful amount of tea leaves and roasted which really reflects in the flavour itself. The tea is so popular that there is a shortage of it and restocking has been pushed back from April to June.

I feel this tea is great to pair with almost any dish at mealtime as sweetness isn’t overwhelming; I usually indulge in having my cuppa on the weekends during lunchtime.


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