Blood Ultra-thin Corn Sanitary Pads Review

Blood Fun fact packaging side view

Ah, periods, monthly monster, red flood, aunt flow, names used to describe periods. Cheesy, unrealistic commercials about sanitary products of girls wearing white pants and being all happy and active were the advertisements I grew up watching.

I am glad to present the new kid on the block; Blood, which has an informative and relatable approach to sanitary products. website hello

I enjoy looking at posts from on Instagram; their account is not plastered with advertisements of their products but consists of educational facts about Women’s health with easy-to-understand infographics.

Blood Infographics instagram

Blood products are available at Fairprice supermarkets and Shopee. I have bought the pads both in-store and online. At the supermarket, it is not hard to spot the bright red packaging on a shelf. Ordering online is a breeze as well, and the best part is I received my items within two working days.

I know plastic pads are not environmentally friendly and will cost more than a menstrual cup but I am most comfortable using sanitary pads. I have tried tampons but never used menstrual cups before, I find the upfront cost high, and if I did not like the product, it would be a waste.

Perhaps I am just a creature of habit, but I do find comfort that the Blood pads consist of a biodegradable soft sheet.

Sanitary Pads Packaging Design, Feminine Products –The packaging and branding of Blood products are unique. I haven’t seen any sanitary products so boldly coloured and in your face, but I like this design refreshing because in this day and age. Why should women keep something natural all so hush?

How blood packaging is different from conventional sanitary products is the waterproof envelope-like wrapping, which is a good change from the usual plastic packing you find with other brands. I like that each pack has a fun fact printed on the side.

Blood Fun fact packaging side view

Gaining a little knowledge about one’s periods and bringing awareness is beneficial, especially for educating the youth; the pads are packed individually with cute red and white patterns printed on the wrapper; the coincidence is that these are our national colours in Singapore, which makes sense since Blood is a local company.

Blood Ultra-thin Corn Sanitary Pads Review – The pad comes in three different lengths 25cm with 14pads per pack, 29cm 12pads per pack and 33cm 10pads per pack. What I like most about the pads is the supersoft texture made of corn. These pads are gentle on your skin.

Blood pads are light and breathable. I have used the 29cm and 33cm lengths and found that my skin doesn’t get abrasion sores or pimples while using Blood pads as I do with other brands that I have previously used, which can feel stuffy and uncomfortable in our tropical climate.

Blood Pads at fair price supermarket

I am now a fan of Blood pads, which do not irritate my sensitive skin. The
thickness of blood pads is only 0.2cm which has contributed to the comfort level tremendously.

However, the thin pad is susceptible to fraying and curling at the sides, which can cause some leaking at times, but nothing too drastic and is still acceptable; the absorbent rate of the pads is still good for me, even during heavy days.

I find the wings a bit short, but overall, they are still acceptable, and there is always room for improvement, which I hope to see as the brand grows.

Blood Ultra-thin Corn Overnight Panty Review- Blood also carries overnight panty pads in sizes S-M and M-L. The corn panty is 3X More absorbent, boosted with their Anti-leak Gushdry™ Japanese core technology locking in leaks for maximum absorption compared to cotton.

With a length of 50cm, the overnight panties provide 360-degree leak-free protection. Their curve-hugging fit ensures total 360-degree safety, locking in leaks for maximum absorption and comfort thru the night.

Blood overnight panty

Much like the ordinary pads, the night panties consist of a 100% corn sheet which contributes to softness. They are very comfortable and soft to the touch, and most importantly, the night panty sets your mind at ease, ensuring a good night’s sleep by removing the worry of staining your bed.

Each pack consists of 4 pads, which is a bonus to me because most companies sell pantie pads in a group of 2; I don’t mind paying a little more to reduce packing wastage.

Furthermore, these panty pads are so comfortable and of excellent quality, ensuring that I can toss and turn all I want and do not have to force myself to lie entirely still thru the night to prevent my pad from leaking.

Also, I do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the pad on heavy days, disrupting my sleep and causing me to be grumpy and tired the next day.

Besides, plastic pad panties from other brands can get very stuffy and hot, causing rashes at times am glad that wearing Blood’s overnight panty pads feels much more breathable compared to other brands. Also much stronger and not easily ripped and broken when put on.

When overnight panty pads are useful – Other times I think this product would come in handy are during long flights and travelling or even when you have to work long shifts and do not have much time or access to the bathroom.

For moms who just had babies, these would also make great postpartum pads. The panty is not noticeable when wearing pants or dresses, with no unsightly visible panty line or puffiness. I have to say that Blood has aced in this department.

Blood also carries a range of heat pads to relieve menstrual cramping and
pain relief as well as menstrual cups, bamboo panties and pantie liners, I have
yet to try out these products, but perhaps I will if required someday.

I look forward to seeing what other innovative and valuable products this enterprising
a local company will develop for Women.

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