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I am guilty of spending too much time on Instagram but who can blame me when there are so many awesome artists and crafters showcasing their delicately made handy craft on the platform.

It all began when the_Shy_crafter followed my Instagram account naturally I would follow her back to lend her the support and soon before I knew it, I was hooked looking at the miniature food items she had made into earrings, pins and various other accessories.

the_shy_crafter on Instagram
Beautiful packaging for handmade products- I really adore how the_Shy_crafter packaged her items, I purchased a pair of adorable 9-layer Kueh, 九层糕 earrings and was just expecting it to be in a poly mailer bag and wrapped in bubble wrap but to my surprise, The packaging consisted of a plastic bag with a meaningful quote on it, a kraft box, a handmade card with a handwritten note and an alcohol swab which I felt was very thoughtful because I could use the swab to sterilise the earring studs. From how she packed her items you could tell that she pays a lot of attention to details and is a very caring person.
Quote on plastic bag about cloudsGreeting Card from handmade clay crafter
Kraft box with vines backgroundalcohol swab for earrings
The earrings are just so adorable and well made and put together, with no signs of glue stains as you see in most mass-produced earrings. I also love the vibrant colours of the 9-layer Kueh and how the earring is so well finished that they glisten in the light. They are also not heavy and a breeze to put on because the plastic disc of the earrings provides support for the earlobes when wearing bigger and heavier earrings.
Kueh Lapis Miniature earrings
Mini Kueh Lapis colourful cake earring

Reasons to buy handmade products- It is refreshing to have something made by hand rather than the factory mass-produced earrings. Clay art is painstakingly made by hand and takes a lot of time, patients and effort. They aren’t cookie-cutter items and all have their unique aesthetics. It is very personal as the item was made and sometimes customised especially for you, not just something you pick off a shelf from a store.

I had such a great chat with her on Instagram that I knew I just have to invite her as a guest on my blog the second half of this post is by her.

the_Shy_crafter I’m a Singapore-based, self-taught clay enthusiast. Mother of 4 awesome kiddos.

A very crafty person by nature, l like to bake, crochet, embroidery, & draw too. I chanced upon polymer clay in December 2020, when relatives introduced it to my second son (who has Autism Spectrum Disorder). He loves to play with clay, to relieve his sensory-stress buildup. While facilitating his play, I discovered my love for clay moulding too.

Started “the_Shy_crafter” on Instagram on 27 December 2020 to feature my polymer clay pieces. Turning my clay pieces into wearables is my passion. Not only do I make earrings, but I also do pins, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, mobile phone charms & even figurines too! I also take custom orders.

I love making impressions of miniature food, local snacks especially. Since then, I’ve also made mini polymer clay desserts, flowers & even figures of paw friends!

My most popular designs are the Rainbow Kueh, Ang Ku Kueh & Tutu Kueh.

I take orders through IG dm @the_Shy_crafter and

My email is Send Email

Please lend her your support as she is really an awesome and lovely lady, I met her briefly when I went to collect my purchase and am sure to support her again when I require gifts for my friends and relatives during the festive season of Christmas.

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