CNY Steamboat Delivery 2023 7-Eleven/ Haidilao Review

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Deciding what to eat for a reunion dinner for a family of four can be tough, as most restaurants or buffet providers offer a minimum package for large groups. Luckily, 7-Eleven and Haidilao have teamed up this year to bring delicious Haidilao hot pot ingredients to our doorstep.

7-eleven and Haidiliao delivery cooling bags

I ordered the Happiness Bundle from a 7-Eleven shop near where I live.

The Happiness Bundle costs $138.00 and is good for four people.

The bundle includes the following:
1 x Exclusive Sichuan Cucumber Soup Base (250g)
1 x Exclusive Collagen Soup Base (750g)
1 x Marinated fish slices (200g)
1 x Shrimp Paste (200g)
1 x Vegetable Plate 2 x Hot Pot Dip Sauce (120g)2 x Iberico Pork Collar Rolled (200g)
2 x Marinated chicken slices (200g)
1 x Chicken breast (200g)

Steamboat Delivery Singapore CNY 2023 –

The year of the black rabbit started with a heavy downpour, it rained continuously for three days. I always look forward to hot soup on a rainy day. The delivery man from Haidilao came around 9:00 am with a smile and greeted me with Happy New Year while handing me a 7-Eleven bag of mandarin oranges and the Hadilao & 7-Eleven cooler bags I was thrilled with the excellent customer service.

I expected all the ingredients to be packaged in clear plastic containers like most takeaway meals in Singapore, but to my delight, all the food was beautifully packaged with instructions on the back.

Haidilao ingredients and collagen

It all looked like it came from a supermarket. The vegetables were in a large container, and the mushrooms were vacuum-packed and fresh.

There was even a card that said how to prepare the base for the soups.

Chinese Hot Pot at home –

The food for four people was enough for two meals since we were all small eaters. Reunion dinner and lunch on the second day of the Lunar New Year.

For the reunion dinner, we had collagen soup, most vegetables, chicken and sliced fish. We also bought our favourite noodles, Yi Fu Noodles. The food was fresh and it felt like we were eating at a Haidilao Restaurant but in the comfort of our home.

On the second day, after visiting my relatives in the morning, I had guests at my house, so we decided to have a round of Steamboat.

hotpot home dinner chinese new year 2023

I made a quick trip with my hubby to Fairprice, which was fortunately open, and bought some more vegetables and other ingredients, but we forgot to get more noodles, so we made do with the instant noodles we had at home.

This time we had the Exclusive Sichuan Cucumber Soup, and to our surprise, it did not taste too sour. Usually, the guys in my family do not like sour-tasting foods or soups, but to our delight, it was tasty and just right.

In conclusion, the Haidilao package was worth every penny and I hope 7-Eleven and Haidilao will do this joint promotion again next year. The delivery was free and the food was top-notch! I would highly recommend it.


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    Very informative article. Thank you for sharing ☺️

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    Oh my goodness, this all looks delicious! What a wonderful way to welcome in the Lunar New Year, especially as you got two meals out of it.

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    Wow, that is a great service. I miss the Chinese New Year celebrations!

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      Yes, it is a nice time in Singapore, very festive. Maybe you can come back for a short trip one day 🙂

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    Oh yes, this looks delicious! Chinese Hot Pot at home sounds like a lovely idea.

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    It took me a while to understand what the hot pot foods were haha. And it is done so nicely. Collagen soup is something i haven’t heard. Rest sound quite good. Happy lunar year to you. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  6. avatar

    Oh yes, this looks delicious! Chinese Hot Pot at home sounds like a lovely idea.

  7. avatar

    It took me a long to figure out what the hot pot foods were. And it’s done so well. I’ve never heard of collagen soup before. The rest sound OK.

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