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My interior designer Hosen installed a built-in cabinet in the centre of my living room during our BTO home renovation. It was meant for shoes. Still, I did not like the idea of keeping shoes too close to our family altar out of respect. Thankfully, the shelves were adjustable, and I rearranged them to create a space to store the commonly used items my family often reach for, my bags and a gift-wrapping station.

living room cabinet
messy cabinet  with wrapping paper and home supplies
Pegboard Alternative: using Ikea SVENSÅS Memo board – I had initially purchased two magnetic boards from Ikea for our study. Still, I never got to hang the panels up as I didn’t use the space that was meant to be my desk, so the boards just lay forgotten in our laundry yard for a couple of months. About the same time, the mess in my cabinet has been bugging me the clutter of wrapping paper and household accessories were just a hindrance of stuff toppling off the shelves at times and impossible to find what we needed. To resolve this issue, I decided to put up the memo boards in my cabinet; amazingly, it sucks well with Bostik Original Blu-Tack; I had always preferred the original as it was always strong enough and can come off cleanly when required to. Magnetic boards make a great alternative to Pegboards because you don’t have to place items in a very fixed manner. Magnetic boards can be placed almost anywhere without worrying that hooks and attachments fall off; magnets are powerful, quickly found, and more affordable.
Ikea SVENSÅS Memo board as a pegboard

Daiso hacks for hanging your wrapping paper – Most DIY solutions for hanging wrapping paper use a curtain rod, which I initially wanted to do. Still, I often switch up how I organise my home and do not want any permanent fixtures. After much consideration and wondering around Daiso, an idea struck me. Two of the semi-round basket with a thin magnet placed on their sides can hold on to the wrapping paper regardless of length.

semi-round basket with thin magnet back
semi-round basket with thin magnet front
sticking can case daiso
reuse ribbons

Reusing gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbons- The holders can hold up about three pieces together, which is sufficient for me, as I do not usually buy many sheets at a time; most of the ones I have were given to me as a freebie from stores.

I used these holders on the right side to store wrapping papers from gifts that I receive that are still in good condition to reuse for future events; I also use the holders for items that my household uses.
I have the habit of keeping ribbons for products I purchased or received as gifts and storing them in a sticking can case from Daiso; I believe you can find these in IKEA as well GRUNDTAL Container, stainless steel in a better quality form, but for ribbons, I think the Daiso will Suffice.
giftwrapping station with daiso and ikea stuff

On the shelf, I used stackable containers from Daiso to keep greeting cards for all occasions, red packets for the lunar new year, and stickers that I have collected over the years. My family always asked me for other commonly used items, such as a nail clipper, which is impossible to keep in a bathroom due to Singapore’s humid climate, where things can easily rust.

I was delighted with this arrangement because it saves my family time from sorting and searching for items we need. At a snap of the finger, we can just get what we need and be on our way. As long as we have the discipline to keep the items in their proper “homes”, we will always be able to find what we need when we need it.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a blessed New year ahead! I hope my post inspires you to create your own gift-wrapping station.


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    This is such a great idea. It looks so neat and use to use

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