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No, the c curl is not for you. I had always wanted to get c curls done because I felt the s curls that other hair stylists insisted on for me did not suit me e to the fact that I prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle. T me and time again, I was told.

Until… I went in search of a suitable salon that was equipped with the right skills and expertise. h, tp:// came to my rescue yet again! Ter days of analysing reviews and weighing the pros and cons thru honest reviews.

I finally decided on …. Focus Hairdressing – Chinatown Point Branch.

At first glance, from a distance, I thought the salon was an IT store. Hee hee, silly me. I guess the monochrome facade of the store and the word focus screamed computers and tablets to me. The interior of the salon was really cosy; I like the minimalist feel that it gave. Appearances aside, I was there to get my hair done, not to judge the interior design. T e real test was in the stylist’s skills; that was what I was paying for.

As I entered the store, I was greeted by Ken, the salon manager, who exceeded expectations with good customer service. H  was polite, precise and patient regarding how I would like to get my hair done. H  gave a brief explanation about each package and a timeline on how long each product would last. H  even assured me that the c curl using the Mucota products was easy to maintain.

I picked the Mucota omega therapy c curl; what impressed me most was from start to end, Ken was attending to me. I wasn’t passed to an assistant for specific stages of the treatment, rebounding and curling. I spent about 4 hours in the salon, a vast improvement from my usual 6 hours for rebonding alone. H even took the initiative to wash my hair at the start to check the condition of my hair.

My hair is now as soft as silk; the best part is I don’t have to wait 3 days before I can wash my hair! Mucota products are sure a worthwhile ‘investment’. I was even given a free gift !!! A bottle of Mucota Aire is worth $46.00.


Thank you, Ken!

Would I return to Focus Hairdressing? M  answer is a definite, Yes!


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    How much did the rebonding treatment cost you?

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    Hi D, starts from $260 to $350, 15 % off first time customers. Ken is now at Kudos by headlines hairdressing

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