Getting my hair done at Start From Here Studio KSL City, JB

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A friend wanted to get her hair done, so after a friendly discussion over lunch, we decided to go to JB. We headed to KSL City, where there were many branches of salons, and decided on Start From Here Studio.

I wanted to perm my hair to have a change from the straight rebonded look that I was used to and bored with. The stylist was patient and professional, advising us on which colours would go together better.

Dying my hair ombre dark brown and green, perming and treatment took 6 hours.

getting my hair done

The results… My friend and I were overall happy with our hair; the treatment wasn’t that good as our hair was dehydrated after all the dyeing and perming. Other than that, the colours turned out nicely. My perm was a bit flat on the top as I only permed the bottom half of my hair, but it added volume to it. Nothing a little styling and curlers can’t fix.
our new hair dos
Would I go back to the salon? Yes, because the stylist was professional and honest and didn’t charge us an arm and a leg, as a few salons we approached quoted us for.
Start From Hair Studio

Update 5 March 2016 – My hair was severely damaged from the perm I had done at the start of the hair studio. I had to cut off all the curls to salvage my hair.

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