Getting Our First Home Journey 3 – 4 room BTO Renovation during covid19 in year 2020 with Swiss Interior Hosen Gan – Sweet Bunny.

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Renovation during covid19 2020- Our floor tiles and the false ceiling was completed but all renovation works had to be put on halt due to the covid19 lockdown. It was a huge bummer but nothing we could be done; there was also a huge men power shortage which left us with only 1 person to do all our carpentry work and it was no easy feat as we had a truckload of shelves and cabinets to be built. Hosen our ID himself would help the carpenter with the installations at times.

We delayed our renovations further after renovation works were allowed to continue for Hosen to work on his apartment as his family required a new home because they have handed over their flat to the new owners. We were not in a rush to our new home as dear and I was living separately in our respective parents’ home. I always believed in showing understanding and kindness especially when there was someone in dire need.

We were very thankful to have Hosen coordinated all the necessary requirements by the authorities, post lockdown to ensure a timely schedule for the renovations. He also coordinated our window grills, air-con installation, city gas installations and electric works as well as plumbing. His team installed the Song-Cho Cooker Hood with External Carbon (SC-L1), Song-Cho Clean up a sink and the 72L Built-in Oven with Grill Function. He was also very particular about getting the measurements of all the electronics such as the hob, refrigerators and sink right. What I found most adorable was he would ensure that all the carpentry was spaced out well where a person would be able to walk through comfortably, As I walk through my kitchen and bedroom these days I realised he measured this space using his own body size which was amusingly efficient the spacing was just right.

Living room shoe cabinet and seating area

                                      kitchen blue and white swiss interior
Blue and white kitchen and island counter
bto bathroom with shower screen


Review on Hosen Gan Swiss Interior – In conclusion, I would say that what would have been a chaotic experience, thankfully was a smooth renovation journey, with the right person in charge ensured that it was a rather good outcome and the quality of the carpentry was impeccable.

The only fault I could find with Hosen was he was rather forgetful and tends to overlook some details, he did miss out on some minor stuff items such as the doorbell which we replaced ourselves with one that ran on batteries and plug-in power instead, the lighting in the service the yard was left in the storeroom which he did later arrange to install after some negotiation as he wanted to charge us to install the light which I found ridiculous as the light was bought all together with our other lights and should be installed together, the bookshelf in our study that was pretty to look at but can’t store anything much due to the pillar beam. Among other things which we can come to terms with.
All in all, I would still recommend him as he is trustworthy and very dedicated to his work, he even provided us with a list of furniture shops and recommended on which colours would go well with our built-in cabinets. He did go above and beyond by installing all our bathroom fixtures as well as the bidet and helping us to purchase and collect a couple of items and we are all human no one is perfect, all the electronics and piping worked like a charm and if they didn’t he readily assign someone to fix it.

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