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Youth entrepreneur- I got to know a lovely girl who runs Lilac Jewels via social media. It has been a couple of months since we exchanged messages back and forth to get to know her business better. I just must say I am very impressed with the young lady who started her very own handmade jewellery business and even shares a tip or two with me from time to time on how to improve sales and better connect with your audience.

It was an honour to be her first customer; I purchased a customised crystal chip necklace from her, as I do not quite fancy the gold-coloured chain of the original design, but glad customisation was available. I liked that there was a selection of mini crystals to choose from in different colours, the pastel stones went well with a silver chain, and the workmanship was impressive. I really like the style of her dainty jewellery and would

handmade crystal flacks necklace

Thoughtfully packaged jewellery- I love all the freebies she packed in the tiny parcel she sent me an intricately made necklace, a ring and a couple of stickers with a thank you note. I could tell that a lot of consideration was created with the tiny tags she attached to each piece of jewellery carefully placed in a purple organza bag,

                           handmade necklace packaging

I invited Lilac Jewels to guest post on my blog, do lend her your support.

I started my small business to make affordable yet lovely jewellery for everyone. Jewellery should not just be for those who can afford high-quality ones, leaving those who cannot afford them to buy lower-quality ones.

 Such as necklaces that tarnish easily or bracelets that break when worn. Thus, I set up Lilac Jewels. to make dainty and pretty jewellery everyone can afford. Since young, I have always liked crafting. Especially beading.
Handmade items are way more significant than store-bought ones. I have also aspired to help the less fortunate. Thus, every 20% of my earnings will go to a charity organisation.
Jewellery is not overpriced pieces of gold; jewellery is a piece of decoration used to make someone happy and more confident. Behind the scenes is a lowly paid worker struggling to make ends meet just by putting the jewellery pieces together. However, small businesses make everything by hand. Even the cards they give out are designed by hand!

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