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Everything You Need To Know About Getting My First Digital Perm Hair Style at Focus Hairdressing Hair Salon in Chinatown Singapore.
The Lunar New Year is around the corner so my sister and I decided to beat the crowds and got our crowning glory at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown Singapore we arranged to get our hair done on the last weekend January. 
Known for their Focus Hairdressing mucota omega products my sister chose to get a simple trim and treatment while I chose to get a digital perm hairstyle for prosperity curls to usher in the Lunar New Year. 

mucota omega digital perm hair products by focus hair dressing Singapore
mucota omega digital perm

Although a couple of ladies had the same idea as we did, the quality and standards were still up to standards. There were 3 stylish at work that day but as usual, I always prefered ken focus hairdressing salon manager.   

My sister is very impressed with how smooth and silky her hair became after the treatment. She adored flipping her hair and enjoyed the new lively and healthy bounce that her hair portrays with each flip, gone was her dry and corse mess.

soft hairs after treatment at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown
After Treatment Soft Hair

I can always trust Ken’s skills when it comes to curling hairstyle, I love how elegantly they fell beyond my shoulders. Which girl wouldn’t want easy to manage silky soft hair. 

my long naturally curly hairstyles done by focus hair dressing Singapore
Curley Hairstyles For Long Hair

I can never get over the joke from fresh off the boat’s prosperity perm where Chinese people love getting their hair permed to show off their riches, downright hilarious. Oh well, thank goodness that digital perming has evolved since the 90s. 

chinese people talking about new hair style
New Hair Style and Looks 

Keep up the good work Ken! you know how to build customer loyalty by providing good services. I must say that it was best salon treatment for long hair and short hair by Focus Hairdressing Cuppage Plaza Chinatown Singapore and they have gained two loyal customers.Best of luck guys & Thank You!

  Me and My Sister After Hair Treatment at Focus Hairdressing Salon Singapore.
Smiling Faces – After Hair Treatment at Focus Hairdressing Salon Singapore

Focus Hairdressing Salon Singapore is located in Cuppage Plaza Chinatown Singapore, Focus Hairdressing prides itself on quality hair care and hair styling services. Be assured that Focus Hairdressing use only the best high-quality brand products such as MUCOTA DYNA and O’way for straightening, perming and even hair colouring. If you are seeking a trusted hair salon to assist you scalp care solutions or would like to get the latest trendiest hairstyle Focus Hairdressing is the place to approach contact them Ken the Salon Manager would be delighted to answer all your queries.

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