How I Improved Keratosis Pilaris Condition on My Arms

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In my late twenties, the back of my arms developed KP or Chicken Skin/ Strawberry Skin. I won’t go in-depth on what it is as you were probably searching for a solution. I have tried every cream for KP, medicated, cosmetic, and dry brushing, Sadly, there is no cure for KP, but there are ways that you can reduce and manage it.

I have tried many concoctions, creams and even dry brushing, but sadly, they were expensive and did little to improve the red spots on my arms. Furthermore, the heat wave contributes to me getting daily flare-ups.

I went on to do more research on how I could improve both the flair-ups and appearance. What seemed like an uphill battle has now seen some feasible results without spending too much money.

keratosis pilaris  and bath products

How to get improve keratosis pilaris (Chicken skin)

Keratosis Pilaris is incurable but can be managed by showering with gentle soaps, exfoliation and moisturising. Building a routine that works for you is critical to managing KP. This is the routine I practice daily to handle KP:

  1. I start by taking a quick lukewarm shower with Emporal Co body wash. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils and dries it out, making it scaly and itchy, so I try my best to avoid that even when I love a warm bath. The body wash from Emporal Co somehow works well with my skin. I also use a Loofah gliding gently without scrubbing too hard, which may irritate my skin.
  2. Right out of the shower, I use a creamy Body Lotion from Emporal Co. It has a good consistency and provides 24 hours of nourishing moisture, and leaves skin feeling noticeably softer. Keeping your skin well moisturised is vital to managing KP from flaring up and returning.
  3. Exfoliate my skin once a week to shed dead skin cells with Emporal Co Seasalt and Milk Bodyscrub right after I apply the Body Lotion to lock in the moisture into my skin. Do note that if you use an exfoliant, don’t use a loofah in the same routine may irritate your skin.
  4. I use an IPL Hair Removal Handset. Once a week to get to the ingrown hairs that cause bumps. I still have a lot of spots on my arms, but I can see patches of clear, smooth skin. I hope that I will gradually get smooth, spotless skin back.

I like Emporal Co products because they are gentle on the skin, easy to apply, none greasy. The body soap is customised from the selection of options they provide, and the sea salt is one of the best I have ever tried; the grains are not huge or too small, just right, and the goat’s milk contributes to moisturising the skin. I am so glad I found this company on TikTok.

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Hair removal with Keratosis Pilaris

Even before I use my hair removal laser, I have to prep by shaving the hair on my arms. How you shave will affect or irritate your KP bumps; practice good shaving techniques.

  1. Exfoliate your skin to remove surface skin cells that can build up and trap your hair and cause it to be ingrown. Exfoliating will get rid of these cells reducing the chance of ingrown hair. It also makes the hair easier to cut. If you have sensitive skin, try to exfoliate two days before you shave.
  2. Wet the skin, apply thick shaving cream or gel.
  3. Shave in the direction of the hairs, don’t shave against the hair because it will cause the strand to be nicked deeper, and when it grows out, it can be inflamed or cause the hair to curl inward and cause inflammation that way.
  4. Remember to moisturise your skin; shaving can dry your skin.
  5. Use the laser according to manufacturer instructions; I usually use it one day after I shave.

Well, that is all I have for you for now. I will update my KP’s condition if further developments occur. Do you have KP? Please share with me how you improve yours.

Disclaimer- I am not a medical practitioner or qualified to give medical advice. All that I have written is my personal opinion. Please consult a doctor about your condition before trying anything.


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    Thanks for sharing! My arms look similar & I had no idea it was controllable or that it had a proper name. Thanks for all the useful tips 😊

    Rachel |

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      Glad my post was helpful 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing this really helpful post. I think exfoliation is so important and these products look really good!
    Julia x

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    Ah yes I struggle with the same and I do the same thing: scrub and also alphahydroxy lotion. It helps.

    Allie of

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