How To Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps By Sewing Crafts

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When I bought a lucky ceramic bunny at a Nippon Home store, the staff pointed out that the red cushion that came with the bunny was missing. Since it was the last piece, I told the cashier that it didn’t matter.

Seated next to my lucky ceramic cat without a cushion, I didn’t think it was fair to the rabbit, or perhaps I was looking for an excuse for a crafting project, so I decided to sew a small cushion. I’ve always enjoyed hand sewing and crafting.

Fortune cat & lucky rabbit ceremic

My great-aunt was a seamstress, and ever since my mother asked her to give me fabric, needle and thread, it ignited my passion for hand sewing. I enjoy referring to videos on Youtube on the methods to sew my craft projects.

sewing kit and scarp fabric

In the spirit of upcycling, I decided to use Fabric Scraps instead of purchasing new fabric. In 2021, out of 189,000 tonnes of textile and leather waste produced, only 7,000 or four per cent was recycled in Singapore.

Where to buy fabric scraps in Singapore

The first place I looked was on an app called Carousell, there are many, but it does not have the texture or pattern I wanted.

A metre of fabric can be costly; I was looking for a beautiful embroidered fabric for my craft that would match the oriental look of the rabbit. I was lucky enough to grab a scrap of fabric at Spotlight, Plaza Singapura, for SGD$ 3.00. A metre with this design would otherwise cost SGD 25.00.

I didn’t need that much fabric for my project and didn’t want to waste anything. The material was frayed at the edges. It would be good as new with a bit of work of cutting off the stray strings.

Stray threads on scarp fabric

Ways to use fabric remnants

With the amount of scrap fabric, I could make a small pillow for the rabbit and a pouch to carry my purse and phone when I make a quick trip out.

I was glad I could upcycle the leather cord used to wrap a Christmas gift I received in December to create a sling for the pouch. Cultivating the habit of storing ribbons, leather cords and other reusable gift-wrapping materials in the spirit of upcycling helps save the earth by producing less waste.

Scrap cloth craft projects upcycling

Upcycling craft materials saves money.

An organised craft station helps keep track of what you already owe. It also saves money in the long run, as constantly repurchasing craft materials for every new project can be costly.

Double-check and use what you already have and purchase only what you need. This also prevents you from purchasing duplicate items.

Benefits of crafting

Studies have shown that making crafts boost self-confidence, improves your mood, and relieves stress, as well as improves mental strength and gross and fine motoring agility.

I have felt burnt out since November last year, which explains the lack of posts on my blog. Picking up hobbies that I love and going for walks have helped; hopefully, I will find my spark again.

Thank you for supporting my blog 🙂 Please leave me comments below on how you practice upcycling or how you overcome being burnt out.

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