Indoor Plants That Thrive in Airconditioned Homes


Living on a flat’s lower floor has advantages and disadvantages; one advantage is the view of the beautiful trees, flowers, and butterflies. The disadvantages are privacy and dust from the streets. For those reasons, I seldom open the windows. Plants are sensitive to their surroundings. So choose suitable plants that can thrive in an air-conditioned flat.

Peace lily and jade plant

I have a sunny window in the living room where I place an Ikea LANTLIV plant stand. It is the best place in my home to grow plants because there is sufficient sunlight, space, and fresh air. 

 During the trial and error period where I bought several plants over the years, many didn’t survive. A couple of plants were the jade plant, chilli plant, and most flowering plants.

Plants that can withstand an Air-conditioned room

The Snake Plant or Dracaena trifasciata

is one of the hardiest houseplants; they survive in low-light areas; however, low-light areas will slow their growth. In indirect sunlight, it boosts its growth. The snake plant in my home grew well by my living room window, but in a bathroom with no windows, the plant turned yellow, softened, and perished. The lack of light and steam from showers might have been the cause.

Mini Bell Palm or Chamaedorea elegans

This delightful little palm is thriving by my living room window; it is easy to manage and does not require much watering, only when the soil is dry. I water once a week. It thrives in partial sunlight and shade.

Money plant or Epipremnum aureum

I have to say it is the biggest winner. It was the first plant we purchased 3 years back, still thriving, and we never faced any issues with this lovely plant. It is easy to care for and transfer some into another pot just by snipping off one end of the plant with an exposed root and putting it into soil or water to grow in.

Peace Lily or Mauna Loa

Peace lilies are the only wearing plants that do well in an air-conditioned environment. They don’t require watering every day and can withstand low light. Direct sunlight is can harm them, so keep them in a shady spot away from the afternoon sun. Peace lilies prefer humidity misting helps increase the humidity levels. Keep them away from cold air conditioner drafts; they should be fine.

ZZ Plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia

The ZZ plant is a low-maintenance plant originating from eastern Africa. This plant is drought tolerant and prefers bright indirect sunlight. The glossy leaves make this plant a beautiful addition to any home.   

It was a joy to have five species of plants thrive in my home, but painful to watch others that do not do well in an air-conditioned environment. The e past three years have been an exciting learning journey for me to hone my gardening skills and learn about different plant types. I hope to find more species of plants that I can enjoy indoors.

mini palm, peace lily, moneyplant

 The limited space and unsuitability of the environment of my home push me to research and look for solutions for the vegetables and herbs that I hope to grow at home. It is challenging yet rewarding when you reap the fruits of your labour.

I don’t have a corridor outside my home or space for outdoor plants, but another area I can look into is the service yard. I have a Steigen clothe hanger, which hinders the plants with it dries the clothes. Perhaps windowsill gardening is the answer.

Do you have a home or indoor garden? Leave me comments below on how you manage your plants and what kinds you grow.

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