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Korean Beauty Products in Singapore  – When the Korean wave came to the shores of Singapore a decade ago, it was no surprise that Korean beauty products would sprout into our retail sector. I recently purchased Innisfree green tea mint fresh shampoo and conditioner, what attracted me to this shampoo as you would guess is the mint, I am a huge fan of minty shampoos as you read about in my previous review on Broo Beer Shampoo.
One of the Top Ten South Korean cosmetic brands Innisfree is very established both locally in Singapore as well as in South Korea, known for being a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand it is no surprise that the affordable pricing and quality products prove to be hit in Singapore. They have an extensive range of make-up, facial, body and nail products. My go-to place for a face mask and facial foams.
Innisfree Shampoo and Conditioner is very affordable and simply packaged A 300ml bottle of the shampoo only cost SGD$10.00, and the 200ml Conditioner is SGD$12.00. Liked the mint green package, it is simple but chic, and small enough to bring along when you are on the go as well. I liked that there is no fancy packaging to it because in this day and age we should strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Innisfree has a return empty bottle campaign (which is made of glass or plastics only) which has been going on since 2003, they accept up to 3 bottles a month per member.
What I liked about Innisfree green tea mint fresh shampoo and conditionerI love the distinctive minty scent of the shampoo, it does have hints of green tea as well but not in an overpowering way, very refreshing. It does not burn the skin on my scalp, and felt rather soothing as I shampooed my hair; it also lathers well into a foamy texture. I had a very clean feeling after each wash; it does make my hair soft as well.
What I dislike about the Innisfree green tea mint fresh shampoo and conditioner is – It contains Sulphate and it dries up my scalp even though it leaves a very squeaky clean feeling.
Innisfree Shampoo Ingredients – Although the shampoo is Silicon free and made from mint oil and mint extract it does consist of sodium Laureth sulfate, an inexpensive foaming agent or detergent that is used in most shampoos, Sulphate has been rated as moderately hazardous as it has been linked to cancer and other skin irritations. Most shampoos in the market have sulfate in them, so unless you are ok with forgoing the aesthetically foamy effect of the shampoos it is difficult to avoid.
In conclusion, I felt that shampoo and conditioner were not suitable for me, I had my scalp scanned at Focus Hair Salon and Jane the hairstylist informed me my scalp was so dry it is leaking oil to moisturise itself but to be honest, I do have dry scalp, to begin with so it is unfair to totally place blame on the shampoo.
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