Launch of Sweet Bunny Lobang’s Webstore

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I have recently started a webshop which I hope to fill with useful downloadable printable and tools such as planners and lists that you can upload to your mobile phones and use on the go or on your laptops. My aim is to help make life a breeze by using lists and specially created planners to help you stay organised by having tasks at your fingertips.

The perks of being an organised person –Having plans in your life is important when you set a goal there is a target for you to achieve keeping you on track of what you desire to achieve in your life. From my personal experience, I earned everything I have by careful planning, from my education to my finances to my wedding and owing my first home took careful consideration and planning but it is well worth the effort. With discipline, dedication and hard work, you can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash
My content is in digital format to make it easily accessible by everyone; I have put in countless hours and effort figuring and designing from scratch and did some very basic programming and software searches to constantly improve my work but at the end of the day the end product is always worth the effort. As I am still a beginner in this aspect I would be most grateful for any feedback to improve my work. You may drop me an email at

My list and products will also be listed on so if you would like to support my work and give me kudos you could drop by the website to lend me your support to help cope with the expenditure of running my website and in my work finding new ways to create useful list and tools, I have plans to take courses in the future to be more skilful in my work and hopefully have a more professionally done product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope that you can continue to support my dream of having a successful blog and webshop, I always liked helping people out and aspire to enrich their lives whenever I can. I go by this philosophy if there is only one thing you can choose to be in life choose to be kind. Kindness is free and priceless to receive.

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