Lime Juice reduces body heat naturally

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Recently the weather in Singapore has become unbearably hot, probably due to climate change or, as I recalled, June usually is the hottest time of the year. During this heatwave, why not reap the benefits of lime juice while quenching your thirst? When it gets hot, one tends to get thirsty. Lucky for me, when life gives, your lemons make lemonade. In my case, it was when your friend gave you limes… Yes, two bags full of homegrown limes, to be exact; he even told me it went well with Polleney Pure Honey.

                                       Bowl of limes

Lime Water Benefits – Limes are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important because the body produces collagen for healing wounds uses it. A single lime can provide up to 32% of the Vitamin C you need daily. It is also an excellent beverage to switch to if you want to lose weight; it has much less sugar than carbonated drinks.

Besides being a nourishing fruit, limes help bring down the body heat with the help of vitamin c, and oxidation happens within the body while keeping it hydrated. Keeping you refreshed and energized.

Here is my friend’s lime juice recipe; my hubby has made 3 jugs of it so far, and my family really enjoys this refreshing beverage; we keep our jar in the fridge to make sure it is icy cold and also because cold water is less soluble making the drink less acidic.

making lime juice
How to prepare Lime Juice

Get a 1 l Jug and fill it halfway with water. We usually squeeze the 15 small limes into a bowl and strainer to prevent the seed from mixing with the juice.

Mix 2 tables spoons of Polleney Honey with a wooden spoon and enjoy. Polleyney honey can be found in supermarkets in Singapore and retails at SGD$4.95.

Although the sour treat of lime juice has many benefits for your health, citrus fruits are not so great for your teeth.

Enjoying lime juice without destroying your teeth’ enamel – Drink with a straw and aim it to the back of your mouth, avoiding your teeth. Use fewer limes and dilute the citric acid with more water. Rinse your mouth with water after enjoying your drink; this will bring down the ph. of the saliva, which helps your enamel. Wait one hour before brushing your teeth. Brushing softened enamel will harm your teeth.

Now that you know my juice’s pros and cons, I hope you can beat the heat with me and enjoy an easy-to-make jug of lime juice.

jar of lime juice

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    Lemonade is my favourite all year long!

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