MKUP Real Complexion Cream, Does it works as it claims ?

MKUP Real Complexion Cream 1
The MKUP brand is hyped thanks to its hilarious and persuasive marketing videos. What caught my attention was the real complexion cream, coined as The “Lazy girl’s beauty hack! Instant luminous dewy glow” which claims to be the only make-up you need, with the ability to cover all your flaws like dark eye circles and pimples being an all in one cream. Curious I bought a 30ml bottle to see if it was as great as it claims to be.

 MKUP Real complexion cream in box MKUP Real complexion cream

After trying the cream a couple of times, personally, I felt that it worked best as a night repair cream or a makeup base. It was not greasy and felt light against my skin. I have sensitive skin and I break out easily when using skin products but surprisingly with this cream, I was spared the pimples and itching that I normally experienced with other products, my skin was left moist and supple. YAY!
Here is a before and after photo:
 MKUP Real complexion cream before and after
No filters were used and the photo was taken under the same lighting,
Honestly speaking there isn’t much difference¬†in both pictures only slightly lighter skin tone. My very dark eye circles are still visible. I don’t usually get pimples so there isn’t much to conceal.
My verdict is that I would purchase this cream again because it had a nice floral scent and does moisturise my skin without irritating it.
There are some blog reviews out there that bash this product calling it a hoax and a waste of money nevertheless as with every product always test it out on a small part of your skin before applying it all over, to gauge how your skin will react to it. What may work for one person may not for another.

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