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Meetup websites have been in the rage for the last couple of years. An excellent and safe way to meet new people with similar interests.

I am interested in giving back to society but searching for an avenue could be tedious. Questions such as these arise when making my decision :
There are many organisations out there, but which one to approach?
What if you don’t want to commit to just that one organisation?

My Solution was has a wide array of social groups, and during my search, I came across a group called Volunteering in Singapore. You can’t spell out any better than that what this group does. Also, an amiable and kind gentleman is the group’s organiser.
I signed up to help on a Saturday morning at beyond social services, assisting the principal and teacher with cleaning up the childcare facilities. It was a surprise to me that a large group of individuals who are locals and from abroad are willing to help out on their day of rest. When you read so many adverse reports on people on social media, and in the news, events like these help restore your faith in humanity.
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