My Review on kāi Personal Planner – By Sweet Bunny

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I made a pre-order for a personal planner back in November last year as a birthday treat for myself. I prefer physical planners compared to their digital counterparts because I find that when you write things down you tend to have a better recollection of tasks and events.


Iamkai personal planner flat lay


kāi person personal planner is the best planner in Singapore – I chose the mint-coloured planner as I love the vibrant green tone. I really like that every month begins with 2 pages of motivational messages followed by another 2 pages that you could fill in with the month’s notes I usually fill these pages with my aspirations for the month and decorate them with stickers.

Dimensions and information about the kāi Personal Planner –   The hard cover-bound bi-cast leather planner at 14.0 cm x 18.8 cm and thickness of 1.9cm is the perfect size as it is light and compact enough to fit into a handbag without being too bulky or heavy. With 196 pages, the 12-month planner is printed in full colour which makes the planner very visually engaging yet not too distracting.

There is a very good flow for your plans and thoughts as the planner is structured in a way that is very concise. I like the Monthly pages where you could see your plans for the month in a glance and the weekly pages are just right to fill in notes for the day the checklist on the side is a great addition as you check off your daily goals. I absolutely love the ribbon bookmark a must-have in any planner I must say, a back pocket to store random notes or stickers which is pretty handy and 2 pages of motivational stickers ending with additional gird pages at the back.


back and front mint green planner


Self-reflection planner – What I liked most about this planner is that it helps you reflect on your moods and thoughts. On the Monthly page, there are faces that you could fill with emotion on how you felt that day.

It helps when it struck me that I was unhappy for a week and I would question myself on why was that and what could be done to change my days to be more positive and enriching. I also like that at the end of every week there is a small Colum where you could write what you are most grateful for. Sometimes we tend to take things for granted but we must always remember that we are fortunate in our own way it is just that we have to look harder for every blessing that comes to us.


January page colourful i am kai


How the planner can be improved – 

The planner is awesome! It is definitely one that I would purchase every year but it lacks a pen loop. I purchased one from Typo and stick it onto the back cover of the planner so I could always scribble in my planner on the go without having to scramble for my pencil box. I also place my planner in a zipper folder when I am on the go this prevents the pages from being accidentally by items in my bag or folded.

Keep it up, Christabel! I love your brand and the wonderful note to us stickers, which give me encouragement and the motivation to push on.


typo tiger pen loop

                                          Not the design that I liked but it was the only one available when I went to Typo.


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