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When it came to bridesmaid dresses the movie 27 dresses starring Katherine Heigl come to mind. Seeing her being tortured in the colourful array of dresses she had to wear made me cringe however you have to applaud the Heigl’s character, Jane for her commitment in helping others on their big day.

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I didn’t want to be a bridezilla; I wanted my bridesmaids to be comfortable as they help me with the day’s events.

Why should we buy practical bridesmaid dresses – Being a practical and thrifty individual; I felt that the bridesmaid’s dresses should be reusable for daily life. Not for a one-day event after which the dress would be stored and eventually thrown away. I always try my best to avoid the fast fashion trend because it pollutes the earth.

Where to find bridesmaid dresses in Singapore- our first destination was Funan Mall, where there are Love Bonito and a couple of other blog shops. Unfortunately, nothing in season matched our criteria. I chanced upon The BMD store which has a pleasant selection of bridesmaid dresses, as they were available at The showcase store in Tampines the ladies and I went down one evening to try out their collection.

The Showcase is a retail stall based in Nex Mall at Serangoon and Century Mall at Tampines, it is a physical store for a couple of blog shops in Singapore.

The ladies tried on a couple of dresses but due to their petite size, most dresses looked frumpy. The shop personnel a very nice middle-aged lady was very patient and kind to us, she saw that I was carrying a huge bundle of church booklets and suggested that she kept it at the counter for me while we tried on the dresses. We left the shop once because we couldn’t find anything we liked but returned because we felt bad that we spend 2 hours in the store and had not purchased anything. We went back in search for work wear when….

                                bridesmaid dress the showcase
bridesmaid or ballerina dress
blue bridesmaid dress
I found the perfect dress. The dress was from Neomello, it was sophisticated the right size for the ladies and right length.

We wanted to have different coloured dresses, unfortunately, one of the coloured dress didn’t have the size we required, the shop personnel assisted with checking at the other branch and even with the blog shop it was sold out. She suggested we stick to one colour for the dress instead as she said since I only had 2 bridesmaids it would look more uniform. Unless there is a whole group of girls a mixture of colour would be better. It totally made sense. Hurray one task down. We have procured the bridesmaid dresses.

I couldn’t thank the shop assistant enough, I would definitely patronise the Tampines branch more often. The best part was the ladies could use the dress again for dinner parties for another evening event, they even joked with each other to remember not to twin each other for the same event on another occasion.

I suggested the ladies don shawls at church for a more conservative look. During my experience as a bridesmaid, a relative of the bride configures my shawl it into a nifty jacket. Indeed when you lend a helping hand to other you are blessed in other ways. The best part was the bridesmaid dresses matched the groom’s suit, it was unintentional but everything all fell in place with god’s grace.

bridesmaid and grooms man bridal party

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