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Bralettes have been gaining popularity over the years in Singapore, these dainty looking lacy bras which come in a vast number of designs and materials are sure a delight not only for the eyes but also comfortable for everyday use.

All bodies are good bodies our bralette club

What is the difference between a Bra and a Bralette? In a nutshell, Bralettes are very different from the traditional counterparts of the everyday normal bra, which consists of more padding and underwires. A bralette consists of no wires or clasp. The similarities in both the bra and bralettes are made to provide breast support and come in different forms for different functions such as for nursing mothers.

Naturally, I would want to jump onto the bralette bandwagon after all the hype about how comfortable they were but there was an issue, you see I am between the UK size 10 and 12 and the popular vendors usually carry B cups and smaller sizes which are way too small for me either that or the bralettes are way too pricey.

Our Bralette Club Body Positive Bralette Company in Singapore – It was until I found Our Bralette Club my apprehension with the notion if bralettes were able to provide enough support for a larger breast size lady was removed. The company educated us on bralettes with their informative and eye-catching stories on Instagram and the website. I also really like the fact that they portray women of all shapes and sizes rather than the usual perfect ladies their marketing is pretty good as we normal everyday gals can find it relatable. I purchased the OBClassic Midi Bralette in L/XL and found it a great fit and comfortable however I would purchase one without the elastic straps in the front on my next purchase as it tends to pinch slightly at the front over time. Quality-wise it was very well made

Red Blush Coloured Bralette from Our Bralette Club

I love the other designs from Our Bralette Club and would definitely make another purchase as they constantly seek ways to improve their services, such as the starter kit, where they would help you pick out the right fit and design that would suit you best.

I am so glad that I could finally get my essential undergarment in nicer designs as bigger sized cups tend to be of a much simpler design and as I recalled hearing a comedian once joked that

smaller sized bras have dainty designs like ducks daisies w
what are bigger sized bras like … bulletproof vests.

That being said hooray for brands like Our Bralette Club which produce apparel that is body positive and inclusive. Everyone is sized and shaped differently not because we are lazy and don’t exercise but it is how we were born to be. Diversity makes the world an interesting place if everyone were the same it would be a very boring world.

In case you were wondering I made my purchase from Shopee and was delighted at how fast it arrived the downside is it doesn’t carry as many designs as their website.

Our Bralette Club Packaging

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