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It is painful to watch your loved ones waste away from cancer-induced weight loss as they start to be less alert, forgetful and underweight, my father used to grumble to that “my brain now darn junk” when he struggles to recall what he wanted to say and was slowly lost all appetite, consuming food was a chore and daunting task.

He has been consuming Ensure milk ever since we found out about cancer it worked well for a couple of years but wasn’t effective enough in proving him the nutrition that he needed.

I was determined to give my father the best I could, so did my research and found out about ProSure Orange Powder, also available in Vanilla Powder. I read many reviews online and yes the elderly can be a fussy bunch who prefer certain flavours such as orange “thankfully” or coffee.

ProSure orange

The best milk to stop cancer-induced weight loss –  As I googled my way into searching for a solution, Abbott Prosure High Protein Powder – Orange was top of the list. This milk powder is specially formulated to promote weight gain, improve appetite, build or maintain lean body mass, Attenuate the proinflammatory response, supports immunity health, provides antioxidants. Has vitamin E & C, EPA, prebiotic fibre Fructooligosaccharid, contains high-quality protein and is lactose-free and gluten-free for lactose intolerance and has allergies to gluten.

EPA stops cancer induce weight loss – Studies have shown that EPA aids in Help promote weight gain, maintain lean body mass and immune response. ProSure has lower fats than other oral nutritional supplements and contains EPA Omega-three fatty acids. I have also read that our brain uses Omega-three to build nerves, My father was more alert and more or less to his dapper self.

Retailing at $30.50 for a small tin might be a pinch in the pockets for caregivers as the milk power is advised to be consumed twice a day to meet the optimum nutritional needs. I usually make my purchase at Unity and use the link points that I have earned while grocery shopping to offset the cost another vendor that I purchased from was Tong Hai Department Store, do drop them a call or Facebook message to check if they have stock.  380g Their prices are usually lower for medical supplies.  If you have memberships at Guardian and Watson  I believe you can offset the cost as well with your points but the trouble is not every branch carries the milk powered, an online order perhaps would be a better option if you purchase from the latter. In Shopee they have a coin reward system for purchases as well, to off set purchases.

Disclaimer- I am not a medical practitioner or qualified to give medical or dietary advice all that I have written is my personal opinion. Please consult a doctor.

All my post on eldercare is dedicated to my father David Koh, 1942-2020, the man who pushed me to be the best I can be, who never put down my ideas and always encouraged me in all that I chose to do.

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