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Whenever I am in Serangoon Central there is always a sense of nostalgia, perhaps being one of my haunts during my secondary school days contributes to the sentiments. The red brick structure of the old Serangoon bus interchange will forever be iconic to me.

Former Serangoon Central Bus Interchange
Former Serangoon Central Bus Interchange
Serangoon Central, the Early 2000s my daily routine teen life– As a school kid I used to wait at the bus interchange for my bus home, it was always packed with commuters at times I would bump into a classmate’s kid brother and who would shout my name across the interchange to check if I have seen his sister, kind of embarrassing to have the whole bus interchange know your name. Before the shopping mall, NEX  and the North-East Line MRT came along, there was not much to do in the area, MacDonald was the only fast food chain that and was popular with the teens. Besides the community centre, there were not many facilities or services available in this sleepy area. At times, I would walk a classmate home, because her flat was on the way to the bus interchange. Her mum would wave from the kitchen window when I greeted her, auntie used to call me the girl who walks Letchumi home, she is a very nice lady who was always very warm and kind whenever I hang out at my classmate’s home to study.

Lengthy bus berth of old Serangoon interchange
Lengthy bus berth of old Serangoon  bus interchange
Old Serangoon Bus Interchange
Old Serangoon Bus Interchange on a sunny afternoon

HDB Shops in Serangoon Central
-I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed teen who loved to roam about the Serangoon central area, there was not much I could afford with a teen’s allowance hence the heartland area was always my go-to place for affordable necessities and trinkets for my amusement.
Times of change for Serangoon Bus interchange, 2011s to current times – NEX shopping mall was opened in 2011 and the interchanged was shifted within the shopping mall. Instead of being used as an F&B and retail, the residence’s wishes for more community-based facilities were approved the Housing development board and other ministries worked together to give the old bus interchange a new lease of life and made it into a conducive community hub. The second storey and roof remain a carpark while the ground floor where there used to be the bus station and a few tenants such as the comic book shop, a printing and binding shop and a renovation company vacated the area before demolished and the vast space has been sectioned and made into a community gym, a childcare centre, family clinic, a playground and an elderly daycare centre.
Previous tenants of old Serangoon Interchange
 I remember walking past these shops countless time on my way to the Serangoon MRT station.
Naomi Kitchen is my preferred location for gatherings with friends– Naomi Kitchen is another addition to the old Serangoon bus interchange, the country-themed café is a much quieter and more pleasant abode compared with the jammed-packed shops in Nex Shopping mall. I could pass the afternoon catching up with darling in this quiet and serene environment sipping tea and indulging in their marvellously scrumptious tarts and cakes.
Naomi Kitchen Serangoon Central Menu
Naomi Kitchen Menu
Delicious Cakes and Tarts Naomi Kitchen
Delicious cakes and tarts
What to drink at Singapore’s Naomi Kitchen– My personal favourite is the berries fizz, Stacked with yummy strawberries and blueberries makes this drink is a tasty thirst- quencher especially for sunny Singapore where the weather is sometimes smothering hot. If you want to cut down on sugar and opt for a healthier alternative they have a range of organic tea bags to choose from.
Berries Frizz Fruit frizzy drink Naomi Kitchen
Berrie Frizz Drink
Healthy Organic Tea Naomi Kitchen
Organic Tea
If you are up to having lunch at the café, they have a range of delicious mains such as donburi which are Japanese rice bowls, a range of beef or chicken burgers and salads if you want to opt for something healthier. I have not tried any of the main dishes but will do so do check back for updates on my blog for reviews.
From a humble food stall in Golden Mile Food Center in April 2010, Naomi Kitchen has built up its brand and expanded to 2 branches one located in Serangoon Central and the other in Pasir Panjang. Naomi Kitchen takes great pride in the quality and standard in the preparation of their food, beverages and cakes serving only the best. This attribute has led to the success it has today, by word of mouth and loyal patronage from its customers it is no wonder that it is the go-to café for many who want to enjoy a relaxing meal in its cosy establishments.
Naomi Kitchen’s Addresses:
Pasir Panjang Branch: Pasir Panjang Road, #01-17, Interlocal #01-17 S(118523)
Serangoon Branch: Block 264, East: Serangoon, Central, #01-203 S(550264)

Note: Bus interchange photos are posted with permission given from & Do visit these awesome local Singaporean Blogs.

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