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Channel News Asia Singapore – In a recent documentary broadcast by Channel News Asia, I came to learn about a skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa or EB. I don’t know all symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa but Epidermolysis Bullosa Disease is a rare group of diseases which cause the skin to be very brittle, interactions with the skin such as rubbing, heat, scratching or even touching may induce blistering. Children who suffer from this are known as butterfly children because butterfly wings are very fragile akin to the children’s skin.
Channel News Asia Documentary – Watching the documentary ON Channel News Asia, really tugged at my heartstrings, I have gone thru a case of irritant contact dermatitis with my hands about a decade ago, and a mere fraction of the pain and suffering both mentally and physically that butterfly children have to thru all their lives. There might not be a cure for it now but as medical technology advances, there is always hope.
Singapore - Debra International: Debra Singapore Support Group for Epidermolysis Bullosa in Singapore - Sweet Bunny
For now, these are the thing we the public can do to help provide relief for EB patients :
1) Make a donation in Singapore –  To support patients on an ongoing basis – Dressings and ointment are very expensive, and the funds also go to research. DebraSingaporee supports the EB community in Singapore for both Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans.

2) Keep a lookout for events and fundraisers  – on Debra Singapore‘s website or Facebook page and give them your support.
3) Do your part in raising social awareness – Share information about Debra Singapore with your friends, and be part of raising social awareness in Singapore for a better understanding of the condition would make us a more conducive society.
Perhaps keeping our questions, remarks and thoughts to ourselves when meeting someone with EB or any other condition would lower the tension and the stigma, instead offer them a friendly smile and say hello, everyone wants to feel accepted and respected.

Note: Singapore Debra International has given me permission to post their logo on my blog to raise awareness for EB.   
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