Unlock Radiant Skin: The Ultimate Guide to Australian Cosmetics featuring Zeolite Detox Mask & Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream for a Natural Glow *

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The skin is the human body’s largest organ that protects us from microbes and the elements, so naturally, one would invest time and effort to care for your skin with the right products.

Australian Cosmetics – AC Sydney has reached the shores of Singapore, and I was lucky enough to be contacted by their great team to try out 2 of the brand’s bestselling products. Australian Cosmetics, as the name suggests, is from Australia. The brand cares not only about beauty but about wellness from within. All their products are made with exquisite Australian manufactured ingredients, which they have researched, developed, and tested cosmetics over the years. What I like about the brand is that there is no animal testing involved, and the ingredients used in their products are Vegan and consist of no nasty chemicals such as Sulphates, Parabens and Phthalates.

Australian Cosmetics - AC Sydney Australian Zeolite Detox Mask Face Detoxing Anti-Pollution Mask

The benefits of using the Australian Zeolite Detox Mask – The mask is made of Natural Australian Zeolite, which is formulated with Kangaroo Apple, Melissa, Lavender, Calendula, Green Tea, and Cucumber Extracts with Vital Nourishing natural Oils. Zeolite is a unique clay–mineral. It has a 3-dimensional crystalline structure, like a Honeycomb capacity to retain moisture. It can remove dirt, Air Pollutants, harmful chemicals and odour from the skin most efficiently compared to other clay minerals. For this reason, it is also known as a mineral clay detox mask or pink clay detox mask due to its pink colour. The anti-inflammatory plant oils and Anti- Oxidant rich extract is a combination that works together to exfoliate dull skin and hydrates the skin from within. Other benefits include Detoxing, Dead Skin removal, Antioxidising, Toning, Brightening, Cooling and Hydration.

Australian Cosmetics - AC Sydney  Australian Zeolite Detox Mask Face Detoxing Anti-Pollution Mask   Australian Cosmetics - AC Sydney  Australian Zeolite Detox Mask Face Detoxing Anti-Pollution Mask

Australian Cosmetics - AC Sydney  Australian Zeolite Detox Mask
Best Sellers in Facial Masks – I tested a bottle of one of Australian Cosmetics’ Australian Zeolite Detox Mask (50 ml) – Face Detoxing Anti-Pollution Mask. I like the texture of the cream as it is not sandy or rough like some masks are. It is easy to apply as it glides on the skin easily and feels cooling to the face. My skin was glowing after washing the mask off with warm water. I could get used to treating myself to this mask once a week as the Australian ZEOLITE Detox Mask encourages the skin’s regeneration process, cleanses the pores and deeply moisturises for smoother, more radiant skin.Australian Cosmetics - AC Sydney  Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream

The second product I tested was the Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream (50 ml). This cream is a great product to apply to your skin when you get up in the morning and before bedtime, right after you wash your face. I love the design of the cream because, with a simple press, you dispense an adequate amount of cream for your face. The cream has a very nice floral/fruity scent to it. Whenever I applied it my husband asked if I put on perfume because he adores it.

Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream
The ingredients used in the cream include Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Tea Extract, MariMoist (Chondrus Crispus Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate), Calendula Extract and Kangeroo Apple Extract. Don’t worry, no Kangaroos were harmed Kangeroo apples are a fruit native to the east coast of Australia and New Zeland in the nightshade family and are related to tomatoes and eggplant.
Vitamin E for Skin Benefits and Uses – Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can assist in cell restoration from sun damage and environmental stressors. Living in a city-state like sunny Singapore, using a cream like Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream would benefit our skin. AU Cosmetics has ingeniously combined good ole vitamin E with revitalizing Kangaroo apple and green tea extracts to enhance the effectiveness of fending off sun damage.Other beneficial properties of the cream include the following:Anti-ageing – As the cream strengthens the protective barrier of our skin with a unique blend of Vitamin E, Kangaroo Apple, Green tea extracts, and other antioxidants to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Skin Irritation – The lightweight and hydrating formula caters to all skin types. Irritant-free ingredients are used with the help of industry experts to meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, the soothing Vitamin E moisturizing cream will soothe and calm the skin, which can help in preventing hyperpigmentation.

Moisturises, Hydrates and Smoothes skin immediately,

Skin lightening

Skin rejuvenating

Anti Inflammatory and Anti Septic properties

Rich in antioxidants and conditioning agents

Promotes health and quality of collagen.

It gives skin firmness, with free radicals protection to enhance scars to heal, reduces some marks

The Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream is indeed a great cream to keep my skin moisturized and supple with a radiating glow, and I plan to add both the mask and Daily Moisturising cream to my skincare regime.

I made my purchase on Amazon and, within 2 days, received the cream, get yours today. Your skin deserves a treat 🙂
Aqua Recovery Daily Moisturising Vitamin E Cream retails at SGD$29.90.
Australian Cosmetics’ Australian Zeolite Detox Mask retails at SGD$ 45.90.
*Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Australian Cosmetics – AC Sydney. Reviews are based on my personal experience and opinions.

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    That’s definitely right! I came across their Amazon Singapore store while surfing for the best skincare products and to be true, I am amazed by their exceptionally awesome products. But yes, I did some research before using their products available on their website at http://www.aucosmetics.com
    And if you too are curious to check out their products do visit http://www.amazon.sg & you’ll love them.

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