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There are days when I feel exhausted, probably due to a hectic lifestyle, where a combination of not enough sleep from working late nights and eating an unhealthy meal because I want a quick bite when I am in a hurry as well as the stresses I face in my personal and work life. All these factors and events could contribute to lowering my immune system. The tropical weather of Singapore, where it would pour one day and have extreme heat on another, could make you catch the flu easily, emphasising the importance of having a robust immune system to fight germs and viruses.

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Everyone needs the extra boost to keep us going. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well doesn’t give us the adequate nutrition and vitamins our bodies require.

Thankfully, I was contacted by Nano Singapore, established in 2018, to give their vitamins a shot. I was very intrigued as I never knew a Supplements distributor in Singapore. As the name suggests, Nano Singapore is a local company offering a wide range of vitamins bottled in an FDA-approved facility in the USA.

I received a beautiful gift box containing two types of vitamins, one which is elderberry enhanced w/ vitamin C + zinc gummies – triple elderberry immunity support, vitamin C (120s) and the other multivitamin kid’s vitamin gummies w/ vitamin C, b, a, d, e, max multivitamin, support immunity (120s).

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All-natural one a day Elderberry Supplements – My first impression of Nano Singapore’s elderberry enhanced w/ vitamin C + zinc gummies was a great one from the moment I unsealed the bottle, I was not greeted with the typical chemical smell which most vitamins I have encountered produce but with a fragrant blackcurrant scent and the taste was a delightful surprise. Like a child, I prefer the gummy forms of vitamins rather than the capsule pills as they are easier to swallow, chewable and do not give out that all-so-awful bitter taste.Nano Singapore elderberry vitamins benefits- Other than being palatable, these elderberry Singapore supplements have many benefits. Elderberry is a powerful antioxidant that can support your immune function and improve skin health. With the addition of vitamin C & zinc, this vitamin will aid in improving your health and energy level.
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A week’s trial of Nano Singapore’s Elderberry Vitamin- I have tested the vitamin for a week, and I felt that my acne scars have lightened, I also don’t get sinus problems in the morning as often as I used to. Overall, my skin condition and stuffy nose issues have been improving.

I was also given the Kid’s Multivitamin,  as I currently do not have any children. I gave the bottle to a close friend. Her school-going kid liked the sugar-coated gummy bears and said they tasted like sweets, not like yucky medicine. I tasted one gummy and found that it was not too sweet and had a fruity taste.

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Why Nano Singapore Multivitamins are suitable for children aged four and above – Children grow at a rapid rate and require a good amount of nutrition to grow up well. It is an excellent supplement for fussy eaters. It is packed with 13 Complete Vitamins such as A, B, C, D & E, Minerals, Supports Overall Good Health & Immunity and promotes healthy vision & brain. To help cope with the stresses of school and perhaps for using the computers for long hours during E-learning or when they spend too much time playing games on the phone. Blue light from these screens will affect a child’s eyesight. Giving your child the best is on every parent’s mind, so give them the best Multivitamin for Kids.

Nano Singapore’s Vitamins are a great addition to your pantry, keeping you and your family strong and healthy. The vitamins are available on Shopee, their official website or Lazada.Nano singapore vitaminsNano Singapore has graciously given me 3, $28 Vouchers which can be used on their official website. I will be hosting a Giveaway from 17 May 2021 to 21 May 2021 on My Instagram Account, so do stay tuned!

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Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Nano Singapore, and the reviews reflect my experience and opinions.


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