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There is nothing more annoying than an itchy scalp, not to forget to mention that constantly scratching your scalp will cause unwanted hair fall and dandruff. I have tried many shampoos and treatments but had no luck finding lasting remedies for my itchy scalp.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE approached me. They gave me a series of questions on what was troubling me and recommended I try out the ADV Soothe Daily regime.

                                           PHS Hairscience ADV Soothe Daily regime

Best Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp in Singapore PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Soothe Daily regime – This package comprises gentle shampoos, conditioners and tonics. Developed and certified by trichologists,  PHS HAIRSCIENCE products use patented stem cell ingredients and botanical extracts. The specially formulated formula prevents tightness and discomfort, fights free radical damage, combats bacteria, and improves scalp immunity. It also improves blood circulation, allowing the roots of your hair to receive the much-needed nutrition it requires.

Double Cleansing for Your Scalp- Pollutants in the air and dust, dirt and grime can find their way into your hair as you go along your day. I began the routine by using Signature double cleanse to wash my hair. First, I used the ADV Nutrition Shampoo, which provides a deep cleanse, removing all impurities unclogging the pores and cleaning the roots. Next, I used the ADV Soothe Shampoo, which is a correcting shampoo that focuses on correcting greying hair, dandruff, hair loss and sensitivity while protecting the scalp and giving you the foundation for healthy hair.

The next step is to use the ADV Nutrition Conditioner, which consists of botanical stem cells to nourish the hair, making it soft and tangle-free. Pat dry your hair after shampooing and apply the conditioner to damp hair avoiding the scalp and allowing it to be absorbed into the hair for 1 to 2 minutes before washing it off.

The fourth and final step is to apply to shake the bottle of ADV Soothe Tonic well-sectioned hair onto a towel-dried scalp and massage the scalp with your fingertips this is a leave-on tonic for daily use. The tonic gives off a cooling sensation and strengthens scalp resistance and balance.

Every time I am done with the shower, I feel as if I have left a spa or salon. My hair is fragrant, shiny, full of life, and soft. Each step of the ADV Soothe Daily regime contributes to pampering your hair by focusing on every aspect of your hair and scalp needs. In my case, it relieves me from the infuriating itch of my sensitive scalp. I no longer have to bear the sweaty and inflamed feeling of my scalp and can focus better on my day, the series by  PHS HAIRSCIENCE has indeed soothed and improved the condition of my scalp, and with regular use, I believe I would reap the full benefits. I highly recommend  PHS HAIRSCIENCE Shampoos, Conditioners and Tonics as they fulfil their promise of improving your hair’s health and giving you a premium experience in the comfort of your home.

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*Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with PHS Hair Science Reviews are based on my personal experience and opinions.


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    I haven't heard of PHS HAIRSCIENCE before, but both their shampoos, conditioner & tonic sound great for relieving an itchy scalp!

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    Haven't tried Singapore brands, but I love scalp treatments. They do make your hair healthy. Plus is its for sensitive skin. I liked the conditioner and tonic because i usually like end products more. But great review. Xx
    Isa A

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    I haven't heard of this skincare brand before but they sound great as I have a really sensitive scalp x

    Caroline |

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