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You have just met the girl of your dream or would like to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day, or it’s your best friend’s graduation, and you would like to give him flowers but have no idea what their preference is. Golden Gift has the perfect solution for you.

Surprise Freestyle Flower Bouquet for someone special

This is the fun part! Shopping for flowers has never been easier. In the good hands of the florist of Golden Gift, be assured that a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers will be presented to you.

  1. Go to https://goldengift.sg/
  2. Click on the freestyle fresh flower bouquet.
  3. Choose the size of the bouquet which suits your budget. Small, Medium or Large
  4. Pick the colour of flowers you prefer, Any Colour, Pink, Red, White, or Yellow.
  5. The florist will do her magic after you have paid and keyed in your delivery details. Exclusive for Sweet Bunny readers, get 10% off your order when you use the coupon code, SweetBunny10.
Flowers in brown bag

Golden Gift provides excellent service for flower delivery.

I had the honour of receiving a beautiful Large Pink themed Freestyle Bouquet. I was amazed at the wide range of flowers; from what I could tell, there were Lilies, Gerberas, Carnations, and Roses in both white and pink. A couple more flowers I didn’t recognise but were just so beautiful.

A great mix of pastel colours; I was dazzled by the lovely mixes of shades—white, pink and Purple. I love how the colours transition so seamlessly in this beautiful arrangement. It instantly brightens up my home. A dash of colour amits the white, grey and blue hues.

Beautiful pink flowers from golden gift

You could tell that the florist from Golden Gift put their hearts into their work because of the quality of the bouquet. Hidden below the tissue paper wrappings, the flowers were soaked adequately in a bag of water and cotton wool to keep them fresh during delivery. The flowers were also thornless. The dedicated florist snipped off every last thorn. From other vendors, there were cases where I received bouquets filled with thorns, and every time I held on to them, I would be pricked, so having thornless fresh flowers meant a lot to me.

Moreover, their florists use fresh flowers of the day to create the arrangement. Uses fresh flowers of the day to develop the freestyle bouquets making them affordable and sustainable.

Some flowers are still in their buds and have yet to bloom. In days to come, they will open. What a beautiful sight it will be as you pass the flowers each day, little changes, and soon, all in full glory.

flower in glass vase on an island counter

The best one-stop gift delivery store in Singapore

As the brand suggests, Golden Gift is indeed a goldmine for gifts. It has a great selection and aspires to be Singapore’s top one-stop gift delivery. Their best-sellers are the lovely flower bouquets. It is not hard to understand why. They always go the extra mile when working on every order; this is the first time I have seen flowers with proper wire and supports the flowers and plastic cones to prevent petals from drooping so they appear their best.

Gifts that pair well with flowers

Accompanying flowers with gifts is a fantastic way of gift giving, especially during occasions such as Birthdays or House warming. The extra touch makes it presentable when arriving at the front door of your host’s home. Golden Gift has a growing range of gifts you can complement the flowers with, from alcohol, balloons, cakes, chocolates, fruits and snacks, be spoiled for choice. All of which go well with flowers.

What makes Golden Gift stand out from the rest? Its products’ affordability and price range are attractive and suitable for every budget. Furthermore, they are a one-stop solution for gift shopping, saving you the hassle of rushing from store to store.

I highly recommend this Golden Gift because of its high-quality flowers and excellent service. I enjoyed seeing fresh flowers, brightening my home, a touch of nature, a feast for the eyes and lightly pleasant scented beauties after a day of hard work.

I would like to end my post by sharing tips and tricks on what I usually do with my flowers. I enjoy receiving fresh flowers because there is so much you can create with them.

How do you keep cut flowers fresh longer?

I unwrapped the flowers and placed them in a vase of clean water. I ensured no leaves or thorns were submerged in water because they promoted bacterial growth. Also, change the water every two to three days, cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle to encourage water absorption. Remember to cut the flowers under running water to prevent bubbles from forming. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and mist them with water to keep them fresh.

Ways to recycle bouquet flowers so nothing goes to waste.

After you enjoy the lovely display of flowers, With a bit of creativity, you can turn them into works of art by pressing some of the flowers and putting them in the frame, creating framed art, making a bookmark or adding them in when making candles. As I mentioned in my old post, I always collect ribbons, wrapping paper and, in this case, beautiful tissue paper. I save them by upcycling the bouquet and wrapping materials into crafts or wrapping gifts for family and friends. Flowers are from mother nature. Let’s do our part in upcycling what we can.

Disclaimer: This post is done in collaboration with Golden Gift- Reviews are based on my experience and opinions


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