The Benefits of Meal Planning

meal planner

I have created a weekly meal planner in an editable PDF format in A4; I found it useful and easily accessible without worrying about losing a sheet of paper, which I often do ironically. I love that I can type in whatever I need on my computer or mobile phone and erase and reuse this form over and over again in some eco-friendly way. But some would argue that using anything that runs on electricity isn’t eco-friendly.

Mother and Child Cooking

The fills in this list include:
Special events and your weekly grocery list.

Monday to Friday

Budget for the week

The actual amount you spend

Groceries list and cost of groceries

On the left corner is an illustration of a mother and a child, which reminded me of my childhood helping my mom out in the kitchen. The drawing is by a dear friend of mine rincarinn an amazing artist from Indonesia.

At only SGD $2.60, I hope you can lend me your support 🙂

Benefits of a meal planner – You also can control the amount you eat with portion control to ensure each day of the week has just enough ingredients for the week in this aspect, you are reducing the amount of food waste, which is good for the environment because it lowers methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint. My family and I used to hate the question what do you want to eat?

We used to have to rack our brains on what to cook at the last minute and end up going down to buy takeaway because we didn’t have the required ingredients.

Benefits of a grocery list- The perks of having a grocery list are that it prevents you from overspending. If you stick to the list, you will buy your only need and avoid impulse purchasing. I also prefer to plan my meals every week as this helps me visualise what I would like to have for the week, as well as helps me to make healthier choices.

Collate your family’s weekly shopping list with a whiteboard- I place a whiteboard on the fridge for my family members to fill up on items we have run out of and would like to replenish. We would each erase an item we bought. In this way, we avoid buying duplicates of a particular item. One of my clients had an idea of laminating the printable and pasting it on the fridge so it can be reusable. Very clever indeed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, do stay tuned because I have a lot more useful printables coming your way 🙂

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