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canon gx 7 II

The Canon GX7 Mark II camera review

The Canon GX7 Mark II camera was out in 2016 but it is one of the best compact cameras in 2017 and I ever had. Given to me as a Christmas present last year by darling, it was a treat because I wanted this camera since the Mark I was out. The new and improved Mark II is an upgraded version of the Mark
canon gx7 mark ii review in singapore
With its new enhanced features, the Mark II is a stylish camera, I like that it looked modern and chic. Apart from the aesthetics, this compact camera really packs a punch!

Canon GX7 Mark II Review 


These are 8 Reasons Why the Canon GX7 Mark II is the ultimate Compact Camera to have.

1) 20MP 1″-type BSI CMOS sensor – This compact camera consist of a 20MP 1″-type BSI CMOS sensor, the larger a sensor is the more light is used to capture an image, this would enable the camera to turn out photos with better vibrant range, less noise and improved performance in low light.
2) Built-in WiFi – this feature is a very useful tool for those who want high-quality photos for apps like Instagram. Canon has an app in which you could seamlessly transfer your high-quality images from your camera to your smartphone via WiFi.
3) This lightweight camera is excellent for vlogging, just attach it to a portable tripod with a handgrip and you’re ready to be on the move. It might not have a 4k video recording but it records at 1080P, 60,30and 24fps. Which I find is good enough video quality.
4) It takes amazing photographs despite its small stature, it is able to produce beautiful photos, I just love the warmth in them that Canon cameras are known for.
5) Its size is perfect; it might not produce pictures as vibrant as a DSLR, but it is indeed a lot less bulky, fitting into a small bag or pouch. It might be small but it also allows you to have total control by being big enough for you to grip.
6) The screen can be adjusted 180° upwards but also 45° downwards, perfect for selfies or in crowds where you have to raise your camera above your head, you will still be able to use the screen to snap a shot during a concert or whichever event where crowds gather.
canon gx7 mark ii review for Singapore
Canon GX7 Mark II side look
canon g7x mark ii battery buy online
Canon GX7 Mark II front look
7) The touchscreen makes the camera easy to control the functions, settings as well as auto-focus.
8) Canon gx7 mark ii stylish and solid body, like most other cameras, I love that the body of the camera is solid unlike those with a more plastic counterpart which makes the camera feel less lasting and easily breakable.
Here is the canon g7x mark ii photo quality on my last travel and trip to Taiwan – Sun moon lake tour with the camera.
canon g7x mark ii photo quality sun moon lake
Sun Moon Lake ResortTaiwann
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan photography with Canon GX7 II
canon g7x mark ii photos Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Dear told me the Camera was bought from M S Color , I was delighted to hear that because I know they always offer very competitive prices and have a good range of Canon camera, lenses, batteries 
and other brands such as Fuji, Samsung, Olympus ect. They also carry a range of dry cabinets and camera bags. You may also contact them on Facebook to get a quotation before heading down.
Thank You for reading my review of Canon GX7 Mark II – please drop your comments in the below comments sections and tell me what you think about buying Canon GX7 Mark II compact camera.

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    Another best compact camera is the Sony ZV-1. Great for capturing high-quality images as well as videos. But the main strength of this device is video. Because it has an incredible autofocus power and excellent video quality from its 20.1MP 1-inch sensor. There is a 3.5mm mic port for improving audio quality. So if your focus is on capturing good quality video, then Sony’s ZV-1 is really a perfect choice for you.

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