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Trip To Rainbow Village Taiwan – Hello Everyone; One of the stops of my last trip to Taiwan in December was the Rainbow Villiage in Taichung, Nantun District which is the world’s the most colourful place and a modern makeover town in Taiwan.
Mr Huang Rainbow Village Artist
Mr Huang at the Rainbow Villiage Store
 Rainboww Village Taiwan History – These houses were originally built as temporary housing for the nationalist soldiers and their families who have fled to Taiwan after the war. There used to be many of such houses across Taiwan but as time pass the land was given to building developers by the government.

Taiwan Rainbow Village Bear
Cute Bear Figurine of Mr Huang’s drawing

Colourful Houses In Rainbow Village Taiwan – In the area of Nantun District, there are 15 little houses of the old temporary nationalist houses which are painted with bright colours by Mr Huang a war veteran, out of boredom being the only one who is left living in the village, He painted,  his imagination ran wild and he drew many beautiful and interesting pictures on the walls as well as the floors of the village.
Monkey Painting Rainbow Village Taiwan
Monkey Painting at the rainbow village
Discovered by university students – The village which happens to be located near Ling-Tung University was discovered by its students when the village was in the process of being demolished there was a campaign to preserve the iconic village. The government has proclaimed it to be a cultural village and hence it became a very popular tourist attraction.
The selfie capital of Taichung – As many as a million visitors visit this tiny village every year, the psychedelic colours do indeed look great as a backdrop of a photo for Instagram. It is has a very unique and lively atmosphere.
Rainbow Village Taiwan Painting of a couple and my selfie
A selfie of me with this beautifully painted wall
Huge Crowd in Rainbow Village Taiwan
Crowded in the Rainbow Villiage
Family run souvenir shop –  Recently a mini souvenir shop was opened by Mr Huang’s grandson selling items such as files, umbrellas, washi tape, postcards and magnets incorporated with Mr Huang’s artwork. Mr Huang is seated at the store in his own area awaiting adoring fans to have his pictures taken with him. At 96 years old Mr Huang is a very cheerful and energetic gentleman, I am glad that there are the family members around to care for him while earning a decent living from his Rainbow Villiage.
 Souvenir shop

There is no entrance fee for this amazing village so do give Mr Huang the rainbow grandpa your support.

Rainbow Villiage Taiwan 
Rainbow Village Taichung Address
No.56, Chun’an Road, Nantun District, Taichung 408, Taiwan.

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