Ways To Use Stickers For Small Biz Marketing & Advertising*

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My initial introduction to stickers occurred during my primary school years. During every recess, my classmates and I eagerly pulled out our sticker books, engaging in the lively exchange of these vibrant adhesive sheets.

At that time, I had yet to realise the significant role these colourful, sticky pieces of paper have played in marketing and advertising.

Lately, an old friend who ventured into entrepreneurship reached out, seeking advice on boosting their business. I emphasised to him the crucial role of branding in making significant improvements to reaching customers. I suggested to him to use paper stickers to improve his brand image.

Are Stickers a Good Marketing Tool?

Indeed, stickers are a highly effective method to capture your customer’s attention. Their vibrant colours and eye-catching designs make them a standout promotional tool.

a person holding up a white box with a qr code on it

Moreover, stickers offer a cost-effective way to promote a brand or message. Their production and distribution costs are relatively low compared to other marketing materials, making them a budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes. This affordability allows for widespread distribution, reaching a broader audience without straining marketing budgets.

I always go for my custom stickers at SingaPrinting, and I gotta say, they’re the real deal. No stressing about getting stickers with faded colours or lame adhesive – they’ve got the quality game on point.

How Small Can a QR Code Be On a Sticker?

The smallest QR Code size can be 2cm by 2 cm. QR codes save the hassle of keying in the website address, and these little scan codes are a powerful tool for businesses to drive traffic to their websites.

A friend who owns a snack business was on the lookout for a way to stay connected with customers post-sales. Naturally, I suggested SingaPrinting, and he couldn’t be happier. He ordered a batch of stickers (Size: 30mm x 50mm, Shape: Rectangle, Supply: Individual Cut, Quantity: 100) and was pleasantly surprised by the speedy delivery. They went the extra mile even for a small batch, packaging it in a sturdy cardboard box wrapped with care and entrusted it to a reputable courier service.

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What sealed the deal for him was the exceptional quality of the stickers. They were easy to stick on his products and packaging boxes, boasting eye-catching designs that enhanced brand awareness. SingaPrinting nailed it!

four envelopes with stamps on them sitting on a table

The exceptional quality of the stickers sealed the deal for him. They were easy to stick on his products and packaging boxes and boasted eye-catching designs that enhanced brand awareness. SingaPrinting nailed it!

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Why Do People Like Stickers So Much?

Amidst the digital era of screens and likes, stickers emerge as your brand’s charismatic, hipster-cool ambassadors. Imagine your logo or social media icons adorning a chic sticker, becoming a vibrant extension of your online identity. Affixing these stickers to your products or packaging breathes life into your brand offline, effortlessly garnering social media recognition without a single click. Stickers, in essence, become the unsung social media heroes in the tangible world.

There’s an enchanting nostalgia in the tactile act of peeling off the backing and deciding on the perfect spot for these stickers. It evokes a sense of simpler times when personal expression reached its zenith through the adorned surfaces of our belongings.

In a society dominated by screens, stickers return to the magical joy of touch, forging a tangible connection to memories of exchanging stickers with friends or transforming notebooks into kaleidoscopes of colourful self-expression. Beyond mere adhesive applications, it’s a journey back to the carefree, creative spirit that defined our childhoods. Stickers thus become the intersection where nostalgia seamlessly blends with self-expression, capturing a slice of that bygone era one peel-and-stick moment at a time.

From a business perspective, sticking it on your products or packaging is like bringing your online presence to life. People see and recognize it, and suddenly, your brand gets the social media shoutouts it deserves without even a click.

For all your sticker and business card needs, SingaPrinting is the go-to choice. I highly recommend them. Whether you’re looking for bumper, outdoor, or PVC stickers, they’ve got you covered for all your branding essentials. Their diverse range ensures your business stands out with top-quality and customisable options.

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