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Hair Loss Issues – I had an issue with an itchy scalp and falling hair recently, who do I turn to? Who else but Focus hairdressing, I have been going there for coming to 2 years now and the salon and its stylist has indeed gained my trust. They are my hair’s best friend in some sense they have worked their magic on my hair time and time again.
Oway Purifying Scalp Treatment – I was introduced to Oway purifying scalp treatment by Aiko a senior stylist. The Oway hair treatment was presented to me because Aiko explained that it is an organic product consist of plants and herbs that are good for your scalp, it can be used for dandruff and sensitive scalp as well. Manufactured in Italy, Oway is the preferred choice in many professional salons. Aiko also enlightens me on the fact that scalp care is very important, it determents the health of your hair which in turn helps reduce hair fall.
Oway Purifying Treatment Process – We began the treatment with Aiko using a hair follicle scanner to analyze the condition of my scalp, it was really cool that thru Aiko’s mobile phone was linked to the scanner and I was able to view my scalp. My scalp was in an alright condition, I had no dandruff but it was a little on the dry side.
Oway hair loss treatment at Focus Hairdressing Singapore

oway purifying scalp treatment singapore

Oway hair loss during treatment Singapore

Oway Hair Products – During the treatment, Aiko used various Away products which included a hair mask, I really enjoy the scalp massage that I was given. My hair smelt heavenly, pretty minty fresh. The last step was the leave on the tonic. This product aids in the oxygenating scalp, promote hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft.
We scan my scalp again and Aiko showed me there how more of my pores have been unclogged and my scalped looked more moisturize and cleaner.
Oway Hair Treatment Recommendation – I would definitely recommend this scalp treatment because Oway practices fair-trade when purchasing their ingredients as well as it is an awesome product. My scalps didn’t feel itchy anymore as for hair fall, I believe with regular treatment it will be reduced.
oway hair products review - Before by Focus Hairdressing Singapore

Oway hair loss treatment Singapore – Before

Focus Hairdressing Singapore Oway Hair Treatment - After

Oway hair loss treatment Singapore – After

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Thank you, Aiko!

Focus Hairdressing Salon Singapore is located in Cuppage Plaza Chinatown Singapore, Focus Hairdressing prides itself on quality hair care and hair styling services. Be assured that Focus Hairdressing use only the best high-quality brand products such as MUCOTA DYNA and O’way for straightening, perming and even hair colouring. If you are seeking a trusted hair salon to assist you scalp care solutions or would like to get the latest trendiest hairstyle Focus Hairdressing is the place to approach contact them Ken the Salon Manager would be delighted to answer all your queries.

Focus Hairdressing

133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413
Chinatown Point
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