Why Satin Handmade Scrunchies are Better: Glamclio

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The mere mention of the word ‘Scrunchie’ is enough to transport millennials and those born before them back to the vibrant era of the 80s and 90s. Scrunchies became popular in the 80s because they were a less damaging alternative for pulling hair up than the metal hair ties used then.

Fast forward to 2024; tired of the subpar quality of mass-produced scrunchies with their rough texture and threads sticking out, I embarked on a quest for the ‘perfect’ scrunchie. That’s when Glamclio popped up on my Instagram feed, prompting me to purchase a few and give them a try…

Satin Scrunchies Homemade in Singapore

The founder, a dedicated stay-at-home mom, established this boutique business in 2022, infusing her work with a sense of pride. Each order undergoes a meticulous quality control check, reflecting the commitment to delivering excellence.

Enchanted by Glamclio’s website, I was captivated by the luxurious feel and vibrant assortment of scrunchie colours. What truly piqued my interest, however, was the diverse range of sizes—XL, Regular, Mini, and Skinny—offering many options.

While I possess numerous talents, regrettably, hairstyling is not among them. Nevertheless, I specialise in presenting my best self when occasions like weddings or corporate events arise.

Are satin scrunchies good for your hair?

Glamclio takes pride in carefully selecting the best fabric to ensure you get the most protection for your hair.

Satin scrunchies emerge as a favoured choice for many, offering many benefits. Their gentle, smooth texture reduces hair friction, minimizing breakage and catering to the needs of delicate strands.

Additionally, satin’s ability to ward off creases proves advantageous for those who tie their hair during sleep or seek seamless restyling. The smooth surface of satin scrunchies facilitates longer-lasting hairstyles, preserving curls or styled looks throughout the day.

With its low absorbency, satin helps retain natural oils, proving especially beneficial for individuals with dry or frizzy hair.

The versatility of satin scrunchies extends beyond functionality, as they effortlessly elevate casual and formal hairstyles, adding an elegant touch to various occasions.

In essence, the opulent feel of satin scrunchies enhances the aesthetic appeal of hair accessories and contributes to the overall health and endurance of hairstyles.

What is a Good-sized Scrunchie?

In my opinion, it really depends on the style that you would like to carry.

I find the Skinny-sized my go-to choice for everyday styling. It can secure a ponytail with a reliable hold like standard rubber bands. What distinguishes it is the hair-friendly aspect—its smooth surface minimizes friction, making it functional and gentle on your hair.

Black Scrunchie

This thoughtful design enhances its practicality and adds a touch of sophistication to your daily hair routine.

Regarding the Regular-sized scrunchie, many YouTube tutorials provide creative insights on incorporating various accessories to craft unique looks. I experimented by combining a clip I already owned with the scrunchie, resulting in an elegant twisted bun appearance. Remarkably, it held up exceptionally well throughout a leisurely afternoon outing.

Pink Scrunchie

Moving on to the XL Scrunchie, this size works wonders for elevating the flair of a sock bun. The substantial size not only adds volume but also enhances the overall style. The plushness of all the scrunchies contributes significantly to the aesthetics, infusing a delightful fluffiness that truly elevates the entire look.

Blue Scrunchie

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I strongly endorse Glamclio for their meticulously crafted, high-quality scrunchies. These handmade creations make exceptional gifts, as I believe in sharing the joy of something truly remarkable rather than keeping it to oneself.

Product photos were taken from Glamclio.com with permission

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