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For my 30th Birthday, darling bought me an HP Sprocket Printer because he knows that I am a gadget geek/ shutterbug. It was the perfect gift since I adore decorating my planner and scrapbooks with photographs making the HP Sprocket a very useful tool indeed.

HP Sprocket printout

Unboxing the Hp Sprocket Printer – I was greeted by its glossy black surface which looked stylish but is prepared to have a bunch of your fingerprints on it. There is a charging cable as well as a sample pack of Zink Zero Ink paper.

HP Sprocket in black
HP Sprocket cable
HP Sprocket paper

Price of the Hp Sprocket Printer Paper – Retailing at $15.90 for 20 sheets the Zink paper has a sticker backing and is matt finished. It dimension is 2 x 3 inch or 5 x 7.6-cm. As the name suggests no ink cartridge is required. The paper consists of advanced composite dye crystals with colours cyan, yellow, and magenta embedded in the paper and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. The crystals appear clear before printing giving the impression of regular white photo paper.

HP Sprocket paper

Bluetooth connection to the HP Sprocket Printer – Seamlessly connect the printer to any iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth using the Sprocket app. It is one well-designed app, I must say, easy to use and equipped with basic designing and photo editing functions. Printing is a breeze, there is even a function where you could queue a number of photos for printing

HP Sprocket software
HP Sprocket software
HP Sprocket icons

The print quality of the HP Sproket Printer – Quality wise it is still acceptable, not fantastic as normal photo printing, but the size is perfect for scrapbooking or decorating guestbooks for any event.

I give this printer thumbs up for being easy to use and its compactness, you can literally keep it in your purse with you anywhere without fear of ink leakage etc. Price wise for the paper is $0.80 per sheet is on the high side so keep a look out online for a discounted price.

HP Sprocket print quality

Here are a couple of links to the websites where you can purchase the printer and paper.

Hachi Tech



Once again thank you, darling, for the lovely gift <3.

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