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After experimenting with the beer shampoo my hair at one point become uncontrollably frizzy, silky but frizzy what a combination! Combing my hair with my traditional plastic comb did not make things a walk in the park because I was starting to get split ends and it does nothing for the fizziness.
My colleague from work noticed the condition of my hair and suggested using wooden combs; honestly, this was the first time I ever heard of combs made of wood, the majority of the combs I see in the market are of the plastic variety.
Plastic combs are easily available in Singapore compared to wooden combsWhen you enter any major retail mall, most of the stores only carry plastic combs, the only store where I knew I could find a wooden one with exceptional quality is The Body Shop.
The alternative sources for purchasing a wooden comb in Singapore – Well the other alternatives are shopping online, websites such as Qoo10, Lazada and mobile applications such as Carousell are excellent places to purchase a wooden comb, but take note of the sellers’ reviews before finalizing your purchase.
Where I chose to make my purchase The Body Shop has always had a good reputation for being known for its support of environmentally friendly practices. They also carry a range of brushes which are made from bamboo. Most importantly the materials used to make these combs come from sustainable sources, well-managed forest certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified beech wood.
Why use a wooden comb and what are the benefits of using a wooden comb on your hair - Sweet Bunny - Singapore's Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger
Detangeling Comb from BodyShop

The many benefits of using a wooden comb – Unlike plastic combs, it does not produce static when you comb your hair due to wood not being a good conductor of electricity.
  • They are well polished and softer compared to their plastic and metal counterparts, good for sensitive scalp since it does not cause scraping or bruising.
  • Wooden combs have the ability to distribute the sebum or oil produced by your scalp to the length of your hair, reducing greasiness on top of moisturizing your hair giving it the extra shine.
  • Plastic comb teeth tend to degrade when in contact with excessive heat or shampoo chemicals henceforth causing hair to snap, spilt and break, a well-made wooden comb has no such issues.
  • Antibacterial properties wood is preferred over plastic for chopping boards; I find that this principle would also be applicable to combs.
Ways to clean a wooden comb to keep it in good condition
  • Wood does not do well when exposed to water for long durations, it will break down, bloat and splinter hence a quick rinse of your comb would do, ensure it is dried well with a cotton cloth after.
  • Oil is the best way to condition the wood; use coconut oil jojoba oil and olive oil are great for conditioning the wood and adding moisturising nurturance to your hair and scalp.
  • Using a clean cotton cloth with your choice of oil and wipe off the debris and dirt.
  • Adding essential oils can bring extra fragrant to your comb and each time you brush your hair it leaves a wonderful scent.
After using my body shop detangling comb for a couple of weeks, the fizziness has reduced but not resolved, it does give my hair a hint of shiny sheen to it and I love that it works wonders for long hair, untangling each strain and reducing split ends. However, I only comb my hair when it is dry because when wet hair is more brittle.
Share your thoughts with me on wooden combs and if you have better alternatives to the body shop detangling comb I would be more than delighted to know about your recommendations.

Update: I have found more wooden combs at Daiso & NTUC Fairprice.

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