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In my 20s, I was in a nasty predicament which caused me to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle; I basically ate my feelings or depended on food for that extra “boost” of energy to get thru the workday and study by night. Hence causing me to gain a huge amount of weight. I also tried all sorts of “quick fixes” such as slimming teas and pills which only made matters worse.
For about 2 years I signed up for an all-women’s gym, my weight did go down but not significantly, The annual fees were expensive and I hated that the company wanted to maximize its profits by dividing the already tiny gym into an uncomfortably cramped space, coherently conducting fitness classes. Facing a wall using a stationary bike with just enough space for the bike was too cramped and I felt rather claustrophobic.
At my new job I was blessed to have a gym within the office, equipped with a few machines I was thrilled, without a trainer, I was unsure of which exercises were beneficial and I  also realized that my arms only became bulkier when working with dumbbells and weights.
The eureka moment – was when I found a video from a post shared on Facebook by You’re Gorgeous, Being a klutz, I was surprised the exercise was not complicated but rather easy to follow and in a couple of weeks, my arms were noticeably toner.
Lucy Wyndham-Read arm toning workout video
Arm toning work out by Lucy
Best exercise program on YouTube – Hungry for more of these life-changing exercises, I clicked on the link which leads me to Lucy Wyndham-Read YouTube channel. To my amazement, she had a whole array of exercise videos specially designed for various body shapes and age ranges.
Bite-sized exercise – I liked how the exercise sessions were choreographed, each video is planned in such a way that it only takes a couple of minutes to complete, perfect for my lunchtime workout at the office, especially when I have just enough time to squeeze in a quick work out and have my lunch after.
Beautifully illustrated workout characters On Lucy’s website she has put together workout programs in plan form for different body shapes and different stages of a woman’s life which include; college days, weddings, postnatal and menopause etc. Her cardio characters, kind of reminded me of the Barbie dolls storybooks which I used to read as a child but the main difference is the cardio characters are very much more realistic and relatable as they are based on real-life situations.
Lucy Wyndham-Read Body shape workout plans
Body Shape Workout Plans
Lucy Wyndham-Read Cardio Characters
Extremely affordable workout plans – Ranging from £7.99 to £9.99 which is about SGD$17.00 it is a very worthwhile investment. I recently purchased one of her plans and tried my best to follow it closely, the results were awesome!  I have received compliments on being a toner. Her plans and videos are the best advice that I ever received, No fitness equipment was required just using my own body weight during the workouts was sufficient. There are even yummy food recipes within these nifty workout ebooks, Indeed it is a perfect fitness solution for the masses.
Positive Role Model – Lucy is extraordinary, she constantly shares motivational and inspiring quotes on self-acceptance on Instagram. She is very realistic about body image teaching others on working to be the best that they can be and not be fazed by the perceptions given to us by celebrities.
Lucy Wyndham-Read is a fitness trainer with 25 years of experience and was in the British Army for 5 years. She has 280 Million YouTube subscribers and 28 million views and is featured on British television stations as well as a fitness expert for various magazines and newspapers. She is also an influencer on social media and had collaborated with brands such as Suzuki, Twitter, Cancer Research and FitBit.
Keep up the good work Lucy, you have truly changed my life and perception of how to keep fit.
Lucy Wyndham-Read results from workout plan on youtube
From really fat to not so fat a lot more work to do but am glad I am on the right path
Note: All Screenshots in this post were taken with permission from Lucy Wyndham-Read, this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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