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These days we are spoiled for choice with vendors who cater to all your wedding needs but just how should we go about selecting the right vendors for your special day? Here are some guidelines you may find useful.

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Where to find reliable wedding vendor reviews A year before my wedding I became a dayre/ blogger stalker, I googled every vendor that caught my eye and researched on the reviews given by many wonderful ladies who gladly shared their experiences on their blogs. They shared about: Wedding invitation designs and Bridal Studios, Hotels, Dowry items etc. I also found that forums also provide a wealth of information on individual vendors, but some tend to be a little outdated so do try to be mindful on when each post is dated.

Locating the best bridal studios in Singapore – with Google maps – After reading all the blog and forum reviews, I was not convinced keen on choosing the more popular studios as their gowns were not to my liking. Businesses listed on google all have a review section, where you could look thru and judge for yourself if they are authentic or not. When you use the keywords such as bridal, bridal studio and wedding on google maps, a whole range of bridal studios will appear in the search results.

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In these results, information such as their opening hours, websites and most importantly a virtual tour which provides a glance at the exterior of the bridal studios, this function is a time saver. You don’t have to go down to each and everyone; you can eliminate those that have many bad reviews and list down those that really caught your eye and as a bonus get to know another bridal studio that isn’t as popular but provide good service, do compare notes to unsponsored blog post and forums to really get down and scrutinize their service standards.

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Using Carousel to source for vendors Some may describe the app as Carouhell but to me, it is a treasure trove of home-based vendors selling flower, for a table centrepiece, designers for labels and stickers, budget printers for church booklets when cost savings is your game you may also consider getting pre-loved wedding deco if the items are in great condition and are used only once, a great way to go green as well less waste is always great for the environment. Just ensure that the vendors you pick have good reviews to lower your chances of facing disappointments.


Popular wedding websites and wedding magazines online Online magazines such as Her World Bridal Magazine,  Female Magazine Bridal and Blissful BrideMagazine provide a great source of bridal articles online on a regular basis, from the photographs they usually state the vendors being featured. They also exclusively share the different wedding venues so you can get a sense of the feel of the location. Wedding websites, on the other hand, have vendors paying to be listed on their list on their sites, but they do have comprehensive information about the vendor as well as reviews from people who sign on to the website, which does give a good gauge and another way you can evaluate a vendor, having different sources such as blog post, forums and a website can definitely assist in helping you decide if the vendor is worthwhile.

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