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Other than being aesthetical, featured in many chick-flicks, television shows, owned by celebrities and socialites alike and perhaps even every girl’s dream of owning one. Walk-in wardrobes are the must-have of a home today.

Photo by Huy Nguyen on Unsplash

Yes, I have to confess I am one of those girls who always dreamt of owning a walk-in wardrobe, so when dear and I purchased our first home we told our Interior Designer Hosan Gan to incorporate one into our master bedroom of our flat. I must say he did a brilliant job on designing and building one. Kudos to you Hosen!

To go along with the grey-blue theme of our home it is no surprise that dear’s and my shared walk-in wardrobe is of the same palette. Settling the colour was the easy part now dear and I had to make several other practical choices.

What to consider when you are squeezing in a walk-in wardrobe in a 4 room BTO – When it comes to space planning one must consider what are the room’s occupants needs and wants, when careful consideration has been made and you weigh the pros and cons you would have a better idea of what would be the best choices to make. The 3D drawings did indeed help us visualise how the wardrobe would turn out and changes could be made before our plans were finalised and the wardrobe is built.

Version 1 3d drawing master bedroom

3D Drawing of what our wardrobe would look like with a vanity

version 2 masterbed room wardrobe

3D Drawing of what a wardrobe would look like with a handbag display

Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when designing your walk-in wardrobe:

1) How many clothes do you own? Is there really enough hanging space and drawers?

2) Know the exact dimensions of the room so that you know if it can fit the furniture you desire, In my case, my room can only accommodate a wardrobe and bed, are there any other furniture I would like to have in my room example: Desk and chair to make my master bedroom into a study.

3) What kind of accessories do you want to store in your wardrobe? Bags, Ties, Watches, Jewellery? Etc. Do you want to put it to be on display?

4) What really is your preferred method of keeping your clothes, do you prefer to hang or fold your clothes. My preference is hanging dresses and jackets while folding home wear. Be sure to allocate spaces to keep your folded clothes.

Dear and I prefer to have an enclosed cabinet because we cringe at the thought of having a dusty open cabinet, our designer incorporated a bi-fold door which is space-saving and opens with a quick push. We didn’t use frosted glass as the walking space in the wardrobe is limited and you may accidentally knock against someone who is inside the wardrobe.

                                                       Here is a view of our wardrobe
How an enclosed walk-in wardrobe can prevent you from disturbing your partner’s sleep- we have one ceiling led light and led light stripes which line the inner compartments of my wardrobe. I am a night owl while dear prefers to turn in earlier whenever I enter to retrieve my clothes or other items I won’t disrupt dear as the room switches are wired respectively separating the room’s and wardrobe’s lights.

Walk-in closets make great storage areas – The wardrobe is built-in from ceiling to floor which provides an excellent amount of space for storing home essentials that you don’t use on a regular basis,  items such as pillows for guest who would like to stay over, a travel suitcase that stores my husband’s army gear making it easy to access when he has to report for reservice or perhaps winter wear that you only wear on your vacation trips. No vertical space is wasted, maximising the space we have in our small home.

Watch out for bending clothing rails in a walk-in wardrobe – When you have a large number of clothes like I do, the clothing rail tends to bend in the centre, our ID rectify the issue by getting the carpenter to install a middle mounting bracket after we highlighted this issue to him the bracket would be drilled to the ceiling of the wardrobe to hold the clothing rod in place, the downside is I wouldn’t be able to slide my clothes from one end to the other seamlessly but on the bright side, the weight of my clothes won’t make the rod break over time, I could also treat the bracket as some sort of divider to a different shade darker of dresses from the lighter ones I guess.

There isn’t much space left for vanity to my dismay, but I am glad I get an open shelf and cabinets to store my makeup and accessories. I usually do my makeup in the bathroom where I have a large mirror and better lighting. How do I allocate enough space for all my makeup and creams you say? Well, I will share some organising tips when I write again ….

Till then thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy reading as I do writing.

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