How You Can Benefit From A Beautiful Water Fountain At Home

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Last year went on an island-wide search for a water fountain for work. There was a specific design that was required. I went to two stores after speaking to about eight other shops and reviewing the price range. Thanks to technology, most stores have websites and, if I am lucky, a chat function. It enabled me to chat directly with the owners.

I avoided one store. That store was House of Fountains/The Fountain House, located at Fu Shou Complex. Probably due to prejudice and overly relying on Google reviews, the irony was when all the designs I submitted were rejected, I had no choice but to go to this one last store. To my relief, they had what was required.

The House of Fountain/ The Fountain House had a more comprehensive selection. Mr Toh, the owner of the House of Fountain, has been running the store for more than ten years. I liked his service; he was accommodating. I must have gone back and forth to his store about five times before purchasing a floor stand fountain.

Men testing a fountain

 He was patient and helpful, even tested the fountain and assisted me with asking the nearby stores if they had the glass bead accessory I required. He advised me on how to maintain the fountain, blocked out areas of the pipe that water was not supposed to enter, and arranged for delivery for me to the office at a very reasonable rate.

Health Benefits of a Water Fountain at Home

A few fountains caught my eye, and hubby and I always wanted a water feature at home to beautify the place and reap the benefits. We purchased a tabletop fountain for our tiny house and placed it in our pantry on our coffee station table. Other than being a lovely ornament, a fountain can provide health benefits.

table top ceramic fountain

A fountain doubles up as a humidifier and improves the air quality indoors. This happens when the water evaporates into the negative air ions are released, cleaning the air and making it more refreshing to breathe. The humidity in the air also increases with a presence of a fountain. This is especially good for keeping indoor plants healthy; the increase in moisture also benefits you, especially when you are down with the flu. Studies have shown that maintaining higher humidity levels reduces the infectivity of the aerosolised virus.   

Water features to help you relax.

Nothing is as relaxing as listening to water trickling down in an indoor fountain creating a calm and relaxing ambience. There are many white noise machines and soundtracks of flowing water and streams, so why not have an actual tabletop fountain to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere to give you peace of mind while you work or to lull you to sleep?

We are delighted with our white tabletop ceramic fountain; a crystal ball spins in the centre of a flower when the water flows down from the leaves. The lights from the fountain are a treat to look at in the evening as the lights dance across the ceiling. Blue glass beads were also included with the fountain and were a beautiful addition to the already beautiful white fountain.

Having a little water in your home is good feng shui and ensuring the water flow is into your home and not outward, and brings your household good luck. If you need a water feature for your home, I highly recommend House of Fountain. Mr Toh will guide you on maintaining it; he even sells motors for the fountain if repairs are required.


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    Isa A says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen such a thing before or knew. This is beautiful. And yes, water is calming and a house addition adds the touch. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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    Oh water fountains are so peaceful. I remember growing up we had family friends who had a small water fountain in their back yard and it was just lovely. Never thought about the feng shui aspect so a win win if you ask me.

    Allie of

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    hi I am Sarah Shahzad, i am shearing for fun blog & I found yours… water fountains look amazing really.. I love it.. keep post & shearing.. well i am write short poems so visit my website thank you..

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    That sounds so relaxing to have a water fountain at home. I never though of that.
    I love this.

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