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I just snipped off my long locks of hair… Are you crazy you are getting married next year, what a waste! Was my colleague’s reaction at work..

Rosalind Chang

Well … I rather have healthy hair than long damaged, and filled with split ends … Earlier this year, I was a hair model for my friend’s hair styling exam and assisted with perming and rebonding my hair within a week, not advised highly damaging but totally worth it because my friend passed with flying colours.

The health of your hair affects its radiance so look out for these tell tales signs of unhealthy hair which requires trimming:

Knotted and tangled hair – While brushing your hair if you noticed many knots and tangles, it is time to go for a trim, instead of using a comb to forcefully unknot and detangle your hair which may cause breakage to the hair.

Get rid of split ends – split ends are never a pretty sight and worst they can break faster as the splits travel up the hair strands to the scalp, split hair appears translucent, weak and thin compared to regular healthy hair. Spite ends are easily detected because usually the tip of the hair has white bulbs on them. Hence snipping off these ends could really salvage your hair.

When your hair is flat – Lack of volume and not the usual structure your hair usually is? Schedule a trim to give your hair that extra lively bounce.

If you frequently colour your hair – an indicator that your hair suffers from hair damage is the colour not being able to hold and fade, it loses its elasticity and easily snaps or breaks when wet. Highlighting and bleaching cause the most damage to the ends of your hair-bearing in mind that the ends of your hair are the oldest part and the most fragile.

Heat-damaged hair – Blow drying and styling of hair can cause heat damage from the constant usage of hair irons and curlers contributing to lifeless hair. Having fizziness and static-looking hair is also another indication to get a trim. Deep conditioning and limiting the usage of hair iron and curlers helps prevents heat damage.

What if I do not want to trim my hair – You could always approach your stylist for treatments for your hair it helps but does not resolve split ends.

The length of my hair is now shorter but I am glad that it is to be bouncy, shiny and healthy before it was rigged with split ends with white bulbs appearing at the ends of my hair from heat damage. I do miss my long hair but the consolation is hair always grows back. So do head over to the salon to get that trim every few months? It also wonders if your layered hair becomes uneven and untidy.

Health Hair Focus Hairdressing

I have been going to Focus Hairdressing Chinatown for the past 2 years and my favourite hairstylist is Ken, He is attentive, patient and super skilful when it comes to the art of hairstyling. What I like most about him is he doesn’t go all trigger-happy and hack off all your hair but always asks how much would be ok to trim off.

You can find Ken at :
Focus Hairdressing
133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413

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