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As much as I would like to say that my house is perfect in a certain sense it isn’t. Sure it is Instagram worthy but there are some errors that I would really love to have avoided if I were the wiser. So here I am sharing the boo-boos so you won’t make the same mistake as we did.

5 renovation mistakes to avoid
Study Room renovation mistakes to avoid in a BTO HDB-The most horrific error in our home is our study. It was designed with more aesthetics than function in mind, the inbuilt wall cabinets are practically useless.  The wall on which the tables are built is protruding on one side and concave on the other. Making it a challenge to design. The ceiling beams are obstructing so much of the shelf space in the cabinet. Also what was supposed to be my study desk turned out more like a breakfast bar sized table. Impossible to place more than a laptop on.  
study room cabinet mistakes too narrow
Breakfast Bar Table

Not enough electrical points in the living room- We have an issue in the living room where we do not have enough electrical power points if we would like to install an appliance or would like to display a power generated display such as a lamp or fountain, we would not have enough places to hook it up to.

Electrical points

Having a fixed TV Feature Wall – Our featured wall was made for a 55-inch television, it was built too close to the window. we never thought that we might want a bigger screen in the future, so we kind of regret having the carpentry fixed in such a manner but on the positive side we do really like all the extra storage the overhead cabinets provide.

Television Feature Wall

Not allocating enough room to install the curtain rod and insect mesh –  The Curtain pelmet was built too close to the window making it difficult to install our curtains after the insect mesh was installed. Thankfully the curtain installation company had  2 staff who were experts in installing the rods and hooking up the curtains after quite a wrestling with the installation works.

Grey Curtain and Pelmed

Not testing out the lights in the light showroom – We didn’t test out the dining room chandeliers, yes the yellow lighting does look awesome in photographer and videos but we found it a tad bit blinding. Thankfully we can change the bulbs once they blow out when new ones would be required.

pineapple chandelier

As this is our first home I guess it is only natural to overlook certain matters, we did try our very best to avoid as many renovation mistakes as possible. Renovation mistakes are costly and like a colleague, of mine said can be a thorn at your side every time you lay eyes at the mistake. However, If you don’t face issues and obstacles in life you won’t have the much-needed experience and knowledge to grow.

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